Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, And Joe Perry: Are Hollywood Vampires On The Road Again?

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry are Hollywood Vampires. The band has also featured Joe Walsh, Duff McKagen, David Grohl, and Matt Sorum at different times.

Hollywood Vampires is a supergroup that honors the fallen heroes of rock, many of whom Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Johnny Depp have been close to over the years. Johnny Depp and Aerosmith's Joe Perry both play guitar.

Alice Cooper, the legendary frontman, is a 40-plus-year veteran of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, as is Joe Perry. Johnny Depp, though younger, has been part of the rock scene for a long time as well.

Alice Cooper, the elder statesman of shock rock, will be on tour with his own band. Hollywood Vampires may also have shows along the way, but they aren't officially on tour. Hollywood Vampires played in Biloxi in April, and they played in Pheonix, Arizona, over the Christmas holiday in 2016.

Hollywood Vampires occasionally schedule small shows, even when they aren't officially on tour. Johnny Depp and Joe Perry are occasionally able to arrange their schedules for shows near Cooper's tour route.

The Hollywood Vampires frontman is tireless. At the age of 69, Alice can still do six shows a week most of the time, some with Joe Perry and Johnny Depp as Hollywood Vampires and other shows where he headlines as Alice Cooper with his own band.

Hollywood Vampires played at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino on Friday, April 21 in Biloxi, Mississippi, according to the Sun Herald.

Alice Cooper kicked off his own tour in April as well. He will perform May 2 in Birmingham, Alabama, May 3 in Little Rock, Arkansas, and May 4 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Alice Cooper of Hollywood Vampires also plays golf every day, no matter what. The Hollywood Vampires singer plays nine holes on days he has shows and 18 holes on his days off.

Johnny Depp is one of the great guitar players, Alice Cooper explains to the Sun Herald.

"What people don't believe, but it's true, is that Joe Perry takes lessons from Johnny Depp. That's how good he is. He can play with anyone. He can get up and play with Guns N' Roses or Paul McCartney — anyone. He's a very well-respected guitar player. He's like Keith Richards — he doesn't play long solos but he can play a tasty little lick and get in and get out."

Hollywood Vampires with Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry
Hollywood Vampires with Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper. [Image by Adam Bettcher/Getty Imagess]

Johnny Depp has amazing talent, according to Alice Cooper, who should know. The Hollywood Vampires frontman has known some of the greatest musicians of all time. Hollywood Vampires honors rock stars who died from the excesses of the rock lifestyle in the 70s.

Alice Cooper knew most of those guys personally. Alice Cooper told the Charleston Gazette-Mail when he was in Charleston on tour about Jim Morrison of The Doors.

"People ask me if I was surprised that Jim died at the age of 27. [No.] Nobody abused themselves as hard as Jim."

While Hollywood Vampires are not officially on tour, there may be a few dates not yet announced and not widely publicized mixed in with Cooper's tour which runs from April to December.

Johnny Depp, Joe Perry, and Alice Cooper toured with Hollywood Vampires last year, after their 2015 album. On that tour, Alice Cooper played a few shows with his band. After Cooper's tour, he plans to go into the studio with Johnny Depp and Joe Perry to make another Hollywood Vampires album in 2018.

After the Hollywood Vampires album is released, of course, there will be another official Hollywood Vampires tour.

Johnny Depp Still Rockstar Hot As Bandmate Alice Cooper Signs His Guitar
Johnny Depp Still Rockstar Hot As Bandmate Alice Cooper Signs His Guitar. [Image by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images]

Johnny Depp has always been a great guitarist, but Depp's confidence on stage has improved massively since joining Hollywood Vampires, according to the Northeast Valley News.

"When [Johnny] Depp performed as a guest guitarist during 2014's "Christmas Pudding," he seemed extremely shy and stayed in the background. I was pleasantly surprised to see how dramatically Depp had changed since he became an intricate and important part of the Hollywood Vampires. His stellar performance tonight proved he is more than just a quirky actor but is also an impressive and superb guitarist."

Johnny Depp is currently very busy making and promoting nine films this year. Still, Hollywood Vampires is a huge priority for Johnny Depp, and he makes time for individual tour dates along Alice Cooper's tour route from time to time, like the one in Biloxi.

Alice Cooper told the Charleston Gazette-Mail that Hollywood Vampires was primarily a bar band, playing small and medium venues, rather than huge stadiums.

"We bill ourselves as the world's most expensive bar band,"


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Hollywood Vampires with Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry give a performance worth every penny.

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