‘Teen Mom OG’s’ Farrah Abraham Claps Back At Her Haters

Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom OG is known for making bold choices and caustic comments. The reality TV star, in fact, is so controversial that at one point, co-star Maci Bookout threatened to walk off the series if Farrah Abraham continued to be on the show.

Recently, Farrah Abraham was criticized by fellow Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Family Edition star Kendra Wilkinson, who appeared on the TV show with her mother. Wilkinson said Abraham’s family seemed “weird” and that their problems were not “raw” and genuine, like the other families on the show. She even went as far as to say that she didn’t want to be in the same room as Farrah Abraham.


Farrah Abraham wasn’t taking the comments lying down, and she expressed her feelings about Kendra Wilkinson recently to Fox News.

“Well, I’m not in the same room as her. I focus on my own life. And that’s unfortunate she has such a negative connotation about herself. Maybe that’s why she has no friends. But anyway, that’s how I feel,” she said.

The reality TV star has already caused controversy with her castmates during the first episode of the show. During a segment in which the families were to open “presents” that represent the issues between them, Farrah Abraham’s mother was given a noose to represent how often Farrah Abraham has stated she wished her mother was dead. But Abraham didn’t take to that present kindly and stormed off the set until a producer had to console her.

Farrah Abraham’s relationship with her parents has been strained for a number of years, and the relationship between her parents completely fell apart some years ago when they got divorced. According to Farrah’s mother, Debra, her father, Michael, has had over 22 affairs during the course of their marriage.

Still, Farrah Abraham insists that her family is relatable.

“I’m very real, and I am all for sharing socially what I would like to improve and hopefully that connects with others. So I feel like sharing our family’s discrepancies and the challenges that we face can only help and really be relatable to other families,” she said.


Farrah Abraham also acknowledged her family’s feelings about the sex tape, Backdoor Teen Mom, she made with another porn star. Although Farrah Abraham claimed the tape was supposed to be private and was “accidentally” leaked, it appears it was meant to be made public all along.

“During that time when my sex tape was very public to everyone I think my parents, good or bad, they wanted to just protect me and help me figure out my things. [And] I think being 21 is a rough age and no 21-year-old gets through that age with being perfect. So I think we handled it the best way we could legally and privately,” she said.

Farrah Abraham has also been involved in several scuffles with fellow Teen Mom OG castmates. In last season’s reunion special, she and Amber Portwood almost came to blows over a disagreement.

Recently, she labeled her fellow co-stars as the “three stooges.” She also recently accused co-star Tyler Baltierra of cheating on his wife, Catelynn, with a gay man.

When asked if she thought there was any truth to the cheating rumors, she responded with a laugh.

“Yeah, [he] probably [cheated on her] with a gay guy! Okay, that’s my thought. You need a minute to digest that,” she recently stated in an interview.

Farrah Abraham has also been criticizing castmate Amber Portwood for her pink hair during the season of Teen Mom OG that is currently playing, stating that it makes her look like a “cheap hooker.”

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