‘Return To Amish’ Star Jeremiah Raber Offers Apology For Domestic Violence Against Wife

Return To Amish star Jeremiah Raber was arrested just over a week ago on domestic violence charges. Carmela Raber has decided to take some time away from the marriage, and that is not sitting well with the reality television star. The two haven’t been married long at all, and many warned her about getting involved with him based on his past behavior patterns. Fans of Return To Amish have noticed Raber getting more callous as the show goes on. A level of respect for women is missing, which has caused tension in the Raber marriage.

Talk of counseling has been thrown around by Jeremiah Raber. After news of his arrest for domestic violence got out, he spoke about his intentions to seek help. According to Starcasm, Jeremiah Raber posted a public apology for the domestic violence incident against his wife, Carmela Raber. It was done in a Facebook post, one that was marked public for all to see. In it, Jeremiah mentions counseling and confirms that he has started seeing someone. There is mention of some hope for marriage counseling as well, though Carmela may not be on board with it. So many questions have yet to be answered, and at this point, it is unclear whether or not she still wants the marriage to work.

A new season of Return To Amish began Sunday, and the previews shown of what is to come has Jeremiah Raber painted in a bad light. Carmela Raber is also appearing on the season, and some of the issues from their marriage will be brought to light. There has been speculation that both parties are at fault for some of the things that happened even though Jeremiah took sole responsibility for his actions and placing his hands on his wife. There hasn’t been any new information given about the domestic abuse case that caused the arrest a little over a week ago, but there have been updates about what Raber plans to do to get his life together. At one point, Jeremiah had a huge fan base, but that has reportedly changed since news of his misdeed broke. He had mentioned that Carmela wasn’t innocent in the incident but has now changed his tune.

Jeremiah Raber is currently suffering from a broken heart. His relationship and subsequent marriage happened fast, but he appears to love Carmela Raber immensely. In the days since the arrest, Jeremiah is reportedly sharing love songs and quotes about making things right. His steps toward getting help show that his intentions are good at this point, but his behavior will be the deciding factor. Rumors are circulating about Carmela and what she wants. While it appears the two are still living apart right now, she may want to reconcile. Return to Amish fans are torn about what should happen with their marriage, especially with the details of the incident being available.

At this point, Jeremiah Raber has only issued the public apology on Facebook. There is no information about whether or not Carmela Raber will forgive him or if she plans to work on the marriage with him. Raber is reportedly in counseling and getting help for the issues he is acknowledging exist. Return To Amish fans wish him the best and hope that he is serious about his marriage and getting help. There is still a lot of story to tell, and drama like this brings in the ratings for the show. While none of the issues regarding the domestic violence arrest will make this season of Return To Amish, it could very well help increase the ratings which would determine whether another season would be ordered.

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