Jeremiah Raber Of ‘Return To Amish’ Arrested On Domestic Abuse Charges

Jeremiah Raber has had a rough few years since being thrust into the spotlight with Breaking Amish. Those times are reportedly getting the best of him, especially with Return to Amish beginning soon. Rumors of a turbulent marriage between Raber and his wife Carmela have been circulating for weeks. In fact, their arguments were mentioned before the two actually tied the knot. After this past weekend, Jeremiah and Carmela may call it quits for good.

This weekend was damaging for Jeremiah Raber. According to Starcasm, the Return to Amish star was arrested for domestic violence. The police report shows Carmela Raber’s statement, and she accuses her husband of hitting her almost daily. Bruises were visible on her body and there was an incident where Jeremiah reportedly threw hot coffee in Carmela’s lap. All of this happened on Saturday, with the situation getting worse as the days pass. There is allegedly a protective order in place against Jeremiah Raber to keep Carmela safe. It is unclear how long it was granted for and a court date has not yet been released for the domestic abuse charges.

Fans of Return to Amish may not be shocked by Jeremiah Raber being arrested. There has been a lot of chatter about his drinking and long-winded rants. It was noticed by critics and fans and talked about throughout the duration of his reality television career. Right now, Carmela Raber is looking for empowerment to get through the toughest part of her life. She is reportedly set on leaving Jeremiah for good despite his want to seek counseling and work things out with her. Domestic abuse victims often stick around for a long time because they are scared of what may happen if they attempt to leave but this time, Carmela has reached out for help and filed an actual police report. The order of protection information has not been released but it is suspected that she got an emergency order and will likely have to return to court to get it extended and to allow Jeremiah to make a statement to the judge granting the order.

A public statement has not been issued by Jeremiah Raber or Carmela Raber. It seems that the public records are doing the talking for them at the moment. With Return to Amish returning to TLC next week, this news is going to draw attention to the show and plenty of scrutiny to the couple. There have been some pretty heavy accusations thrown around by Carmela regarding Jeremiah, but no concrete proof has been provided past what the police report states. Her statement to the police alleges he hit her daily and threw hot coffee on her lap. As the details slowly trickle out, there will be a better picture of what happened this weekend that sent Raber over the edge. He has alleged on several occasions that he was raised in an abusive household and his actions are a result of what he was taught growing up.

Because their relationship was still in the honeymoon phase before they even tied the knot, Jeremiah and Carmela Raber were under heavy scrutiny when they announced they were getting married. His violent outbursts have been documented on several occasions and now that she has spoken out about her everyday life being hard, things could get quite nasty between the husband and wife. It appears that Carmela is set on leaving Jeremiah after this last arrest. Whether it will be permanent remains to be seen, but as of now, she appears to be done with him and his outbursts that lead to violence. Things aren’t where they should be between the husband and wife and now, Jeremiah Raber may be losing Carmela forever.

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