‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Tells All About Landon’s Accusations And Sponsorships

When you are in the public eye, it makes sense that there are always rumors out there about you, and there are only so many fires you can put out, and people are going to believe what they want to believe, but Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis wants to make it clear that she’s really perplexed by things that Southern Charm cast member Landon has said about her “stealing clothing,” because it is so out of left field.

Landon has seemingly been gunning for Kathryn on Southern Charm for some time, saying that she does her “best work on her back,” and that she went to rehab to land a rich man, says the Inquisitr. Moreover, though last year Landon was still acting sweet, this year, the veil has been pulled back, as demonstrated by the way she reacted to Shep, and spoke to Austen about how she judges others. It’s unclear if Landon has feelings for Thomas, or if she just wants the things he is offering, but this season, Landon seems bitter and determined to get the things she seems to think she deserves through Southern Charm.

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Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis told Reality Tea that comments about clothing, and an obsession with Landon when she first came onto the cast of Southern Charm are ridiculous and a bit bizarre. Previously, the Inquisitr shared a story where Landon said that she secured designer clothes for Kathryn during a Southern Charm shoot, and Kathryn refused to return them, and it required legal action to get them back. Kathryn is stating that this is not only untrue, but there is nothing about it that makes any sense.


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Kathryn says that despite what Landon has said, they were never “pals” in the first place, and it’s obvious in this season of Southern Charm.

“When I read the story about Landon not being my friend because I reportedly stole clothing from a friend of hers, I thought, what the heck is she talking about? Landon has never introduced me to a friend of hers, let alone someone who is a designer who gave me clothes. Where is she getting this from?”

Kathryn confirms that she is given clothing to use for Southern Charm and return from stores and designers. The deal is that you either return it, or pay for it, and that’s always the way things are, and she is grateful for the chance to wear such great pieces through Southern Charm.

“If I want to keep them, I have to pay for them, and I always do. If Landon is saying otherwise, why wouldn’t she have talked to me about this, rather than holding it in for two years? I mean, if it’s the big event that is keeping us from being friends.”

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And then there is the rumor that all of the sponsorships that Kathryn has gotten through Southern Charm, and that they are drying up because of her “bad reputation.”

“This is another crazy rumor, because I actually have more now than ever, and got two new ones just this week!”

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Southern Charm star Kathryn says that she’s unsure why Landon would create this story, but says that they were never friends and that she now feels vindicated that the world is seeing Thomas and Landon together after they both denied it at the Southern Charm reunion. At this point, she just has one thing to say.

“They deserve each other.”

Are you #teamKathryn or #teamLandon in this Southern Charm battle?

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