‘Southern Charm’ Season 4 Recap, Judgmental, Snobbish Behavior Is Everywhere [SPOILERS]

Sure, the premise of Southern Charm, is that fans tune in every week to watch the entitled offspring of the founding fathers behaving in an F.Scott Fitzgerald, devil-may-care manner, drinking and hooking up like there is no tomorrow. But for the most part, this group of Trustafarians, along with Craig Conover and Cameran Eubanks, who come from working class backgrounds, were mostly benign, but lately, the mask is shifting, and the NOKD (Not our kind dear) conversations are starting to come up. As in, there are people you toy with, and people you marry, and you should not confuse the two.

For instance, Southern Charm star Landon, who in past seasons, played as if she wanted to be friends with everyone, first showed her hand last season when she planned a birthday party for Shep and said she invited Kathryn, but oops, she didn’t. Now, she is no longer pretending that she is hiding behind the nervous giggles, calling Kathryn out for going to rehab in Malibu, saying that she only went there to hook a rich man, when Landon tried to hook Shep unsuccessfully, and then has designs on Thomas after her wealthy husband divorced her. But what flipped the switch, Shep’s rejection, or everyone around her having babies?

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But tonight, the entitled-speak abounds, as Landon, Thomas, and even Shep talk about certain people like they are, well, NOKD. Shep telling Austen that he took a “filly” home after his party? Back to the breeding talk that was used to describe Kathryn in Season 1, that she was from good stock, a breeder, from the kind of names like Dennis, Calhoun, and Rembert that excite people like Patricia and Whitney.


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But Landon at lunch with Austen took the cake, and though he’s a newbie, Austen gets it, and seems to at least identify with the real world. Austen asked Landon if she wants to photograph the menu, but she told him no, as it might not be “ROAM-worthy,” referring to her now, renamed travel site. But Austen says he thinks ROAM (now Trovare) is just an excuse to go out, eating and drinking.

Then, there is the Landon-speak about taking someone to Aspen, not Vail, dear, as Vail is a truck stop, where the common people go. Poor Austen is a Vail guy, by the way. Landon says that taking someone on a trip to Aspen is the best way to judge their worthiness, and she ended two relationships based on this test.

“You can see if they freak out at the airport if they don’t have their papers. Find out if they don’t bring a dinner jacket.”

It’s also an opportunity to judge their luggage, and perhaps run like hell if it doesn’t measure up. Then there is the poor boyfriend who has never been to New York. It’s been nice knowing you Drew.

Then there was the Thomas mojo conversation. Over his 54 years, just a good pair of pants, that flatter his bum, could make people in any bar flock to him, and now, two young girls found him boring. Whitney, the voice of reason, tells him that it’s time to date grown-ups. But perhaps the perfect meeting of the Southern Charm entitled minds was Landon and Thomas on their friend zone, playing hard to get lunch before the Phish concert, and the competition of who can give the more complicated margarita order. And it’s Reposado, not Reposada.

After Thomas sized up women at Shep’s party, saying that one girl had cankles, it didn’t seem like it could get more obnoxious, but then Landon and Thomas started in on who they should date, after Landon said that she and Thomas have horses, real estate and architecture, meaning that he has them, and she wants them?

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And even though Craig was not nice to Naomie, calling her stupid, he gets a pass this week, because oddly enough, he seemed to be the only guy with a clue on Southern Charm (but the preview shows that that might not be true next week).

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