WWE News: Matt Hardy Transforms After Heel Turn – Could ‘Broken’ Hardys Arrive Tonight On ‘Raw’?

Last night on Payback, the Hardy Boyz retained their Raw Tag Team Titles by defeating Cesaro and Sheamus, but it may end up leading to a “Broken” universe. For weeks, the two teams have shown great respect, but last night’s loss appeared to be too much for powerhouses. After the match was over, they solidified their heel turn by attacking Matt and Jeff, but they may have pushed things too far and ventured into a world they don’t know much about.

As recapped by the official website of WWE, the Hardy Boyz retained their titles at Payback in a clean fashion. While celebrating post-match, Cesaro and Sheamus jumped them and absolutely destroyed them, leaving Matt and Jeff laid out when all was said and done.

wwe news matt hardy broken boyz cesaro sheamus heel turn payback
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Fans have witnessed Matt Hardy using multiple gimmicks while on Twitter and even sometimes in the ring on WWE television. After last evening’s attack and Jeff Hardy losing a tooth during the match, Wrestling Inc. pointed out that Matt went full-on “Broken” on Twitter, and he was not happy about all that took place at Payback.

Those tweets came right after the pay-per-view and in the middle of the night, but Matt Hardy wasn’t done. Sheamus chose to respond back to Matt, and the Hardy brother continued on in his “Broken” gimmick.

Yes, Matt has been jumping around on Twitter with his gimmicks, mannerisms, words, and names, but this is a bit different. Just look at his new Twitter handle of “REBORN by FATE” and you’ll see that there may be more to this than just what is happening on social media.

Last night after Payback, Sheamus and Cesaro were guests on Raw Talk, and they discussed their heel turn with Renee Young and Jerry Lawler. They said that the return of the Hardy Boyz to WWE was nice for a while, but it’s old and the Hardys are the past, but they are the future.

Sheamus said that he and Cesaro plan on taking back what rightfully belongs to them and that “no one can touch us.”

After what took place on Payback last night, this would be the perfect time for the Hardy Boyz to turn back “Broken.” They have been betrayed, and it actually lends itself right into a great storyline for Matt to make the transformation complete.

wwe news matt hardy broken boyz cesaro sheamus heel turn payback
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As recently reported by the Inquisitr, WWE was rumored to be working on a deal with TNA Impact Wrestling to legally free up the “Broken Hardys” gimmick. It is not known if they finally came to an agreement of some kind, but if Matt and Jeff show up on Raw with a different persona, that will be proof.

With Matt going fully “Broken” on Twitter and Sheamus mocking that very gimmick, as reported by Cageside Seats, it may not be out of the question to see a transformation on Raw tonight. Only time will tell, but this could lead to what the fans have been hoping to see in WWE for a long time.

Obviously, the Hardy Boyz have had great success since returning to WWE one month ago, but Cesaro and Sheamus have come close to taking their titles from them. While they’re getting a great reaction from crowds wherever they go, fans have been hoping that the “Broken” universe would soon be free of TNA Impact Wrestling and head to Monday Night Raw. After weeks of teasing and personality swapping, Matt and Jeff Hardy could appear very different this evening.

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