‘Teen Mom OG’: Amber Portwood Says Farrah Abraham Needs To Lay Off The Cocaine, Threatens To Expose Her

The Teen Mom OG feud is heating up yet again. Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham have been on extremely bad terms since their reunion brawl last year. The pair haven’t had anything nice to say about one another since, and their feud is only getting worse.

According to Wet Paint, Farrah Abraham took yet another shot at Amber Portwood by saying that her Teen Mom OG co-star looked like a “cheap hooker” while trying on wedding dresses for her upcoming nuptials to fiance Matt Baier. Later, Farrah revealed that she and her on again, off again boyfriend, Simon Saran were flipping houses together, which is something that Amber and Matt also do for an income. When fans pointed out that Farrah may be copying Amber, Abraham revealed that she and Simon flip houses “better than everyone,” which seemingly rubbed Portwood the wrong way.

After getting wind of the comments made by Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood took to social media to reply, saying that she makes money on the houses that she flips, adding that Farrah “shouldn’t do cocaine and drink all the time.” Amber, then threatened to expose things that she knows about her Teen Mom OG co-star saying, “You’re forgetting things like that guy you met online in NY. Keep it up and I will literally stop all this with one interview and text messages. Don’t play with a true queen sweetheart. Try me.”


Of course, Farrah Abraham isn’t just feuding with her Teen Mom OG co-star. She’s also at war with her Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition cast member, Kendra Wilkinson. Last week, Abraham said that Wilkinson had no “emotional depth,” which is why she couldn’t understand the struggles she’s been having with her parents. Farrah also told The Dirty that Kendra was being very inappropriate towards her father, Michael.

“Kendra was doing dances and weird sexual dances at my dad with my mom in the room. I think my parents equally want nothing to do with her and are disgusted by her behavior. When I saw this I literally can only imagine what kind of odd open marriage agenda her and her husband [Hank Baskett] have. I hope they keep their disturbing sexual behavior separate from their children! This ‘Strip Tease’ kind of dance and said inappropriate sexual comments toward Dr. Ish – she could care less to really work on family relationships.”

Recently, Farrah Abraham told E! Online that she decided to appear on Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition to work out issues that she’s been having with both of her parents.

“There is an episode where we talk about traumatic experiences, my mom and I, and we still cannot get on the same page,” the Teen Mom OG star revealed. “So sometimes between lie detector tests and traumatic experiences, there’s just a certain point in time where you’re like, somebody does not have the wherewithal to take accountability to even remember things, and you’re like, ‘Why do I even want to be around them anymore?’ The best narcissists can block things out and act like nothing ever happened to just keep going.”


Farrah also revealed that she felt strongly about “sharing” her story with her fans in hopes of improving “social behaviors in the nation,” and says that she’s “made history” multiple times by doing so in the media.

“I really believe in sharing my story to improve social behaviors in the nation,” she said. “I think that’s the best way to do it through media. And I’ve made history time and time again with that.”

What are your thoughts on Farrah Abraham’s feud with her Teen Mom OG co-star, Amber Portwood, and her comments about her family therapy?

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