Will Dakota Johnson Hit Up Ex Boyfriend And Restart Instagram Before Met Gala 2017? Jamie Dornan Won’t Attend

Dakota Johnson is back in New York City to get ready for Met Gala 2017. One big question is what dress she will wear to the red carpet, but another throbbing one is whether she will hit up her on-and-off again boyfriend, Matthew Hitt. She has been busy filming Fifty Shades franchise with Jamie Dornan, which may have been one of the reasons why she called off their dating life.

All the eyes are on Fifty Shades star as she revs up to the Met Gala 2017, which will take place on May 2, the day after May Day. This year, the museum is honoring Rei Kawakubo, which means that the red carpet dresses will be weirder than ever.

“Because, in honor of Ms. Kawakubo’s own desire to push boundaries — this has resulted in dresses that sprouted lumps and bumps on odd parts off the body, dresses that turned women into flat-packed paper dolls and dresses that turned wedding dresses into cages,” reports the New York Times.

The Japanese designer is only the second living designer to be given a solo show at the Met, the first being Yves Saint Laurent. She is famous for refusing “to accept any of the rules that govern normal clothing design” or the idea that what we wear have to be “flattering,” always questioning our ideas about what defines “beauty, identity and gender.”

With Met Gala 2017 looming, Dakota Johnson is taking a chill approach to life. While she was swarmed by fans and photographers as she exited her hotel in New York, she chose to dress quite simply as she went about to do her daily errands.

“Dakota Johnson is quite mild mannered when it comes to her wardrobe it seems,” reports Daily Mail. “The 27-year-old Texas native stepped out in New York City on Saturday looking quite laid-back. On top, she opted for a simple white t-shirt, while a pair of black yoga pants flattered her sculpted legs down below.”

There is no doubt that Fifty Shades actress is feeling the heat to dress to impress at Met Gala this year. She was put on one of the worst dressed list at Oscars, after wearing an odd shoulder padded dress with her hair lying flat on either side of her head.


In fact, with the Met Gala dress in question, she may not have the time to call up her ex-boyfriend. Since their breakup, it looks like he is adjusting well to single life, hanging out with famous friends like Alexa Chung.

The last time that Dakota Johnson was seen with her boyfriend was right before she took off to Vancouver to shoot Fifty Shades sequels with Jamie Dornan.

“Dakota Johnson and rocker Matthew Hitt were spotted holding hands as they strolled in New York City,” reported Daily Mail earlier this month. “Their meeting comes just hours after she jetted in from Vancouver, B.C. where she’s filming the 50 Shades Of Grey sequels. The two were broken up for several months earlier this year.”


This possibly was the trip that the 27-year-old actress ended things with her boyfriend, letting her focus on her career.

Also around this time, she effectively deleted all the pictures from her Instagram, save for one so that she can still keep her account alive. While no one knows what exactly prompted this move, this may have been her way of resetting her life after her on-and-off again relationship with Matt Hitt.

Do you think Dakota will redeem herself at this year’s Met Gala? Do you think Jamie Dornan will be proud to see his co-star shine on the red carpet? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by AP Images/Richard Shotwell]