Five Horror Movies On Netflix Featuring Strong Women

Some of the best horror movies on Netflix feature strong female leads and characters. By and large, horror movies used to feature female characters that were helpless, defenseless, and clueless, but Netflix has plenty of horror flicks featuring strong women that are anything but helpless. Not all of the horror movies on Netflix featuring female leads are highly-rated, but the ones listed below received great reviews from either audiences or critics.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street is considered one of the best horror movies of all time, and it offered audiences something often not seen (at that point in time) in the genre, a strong heroine. Played by Heather Langenkamp, Nancy Thompson wasn’t the usual final girl or fodder for the horror baddie.

The ’70s and ’80s was an era where the final girl often survived by running away or being saved by a man, like Jamie Lee Curtis’ character in Halloween, but Nancy didn’t run — she faced Freddy Krueger woman-to-man; she devised a plan of attack, set traps, and confronted and attempted to kill Freddy. Nancy reappeared in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, and Langenkamp played herself in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (also available on Netflix).

Queen of the Damned

Based on novels from Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles, a vampire-turned-rock star accidentally wakes up the queen of all vampires, Akasha (played by the late Aaliyah).

Akasha is certainly powerful, in all meanings of the word, and definitely evil. In one of the most popular horror movies of 2002, the late and talented Aaliyah gave a commanding performance as the Vampire Queen.


A young woman, independent and tough Kylie, played by Morgana O’Reilly, is confined to live with her mother under house arrest. She soon learns that evil forces won’t allow her to be bored.

This film is very witty, filled with clever one-liners, and has plenty of suspense and scares along the way. Morgana is extremely entertaining as the wisecracking Kylie, and her performance shines throughout the film. Currently, Housebound has a 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and it is considered one of the best horror movies of 2014.

Final Girl

A man (Wes Bentley of American Beauty) trains a young woman (Abigail Breslin of All the Fine Boys) to be a killing machine. Her new talents pay off when she becomes hunted by a sadistic group of killers.

The movie was generally liked by audiences and horror fans, and it received mixed reviews from critics. But even the critics who didn’t particularly care for Final Girl praised the brilliant performance by Abigail Breslin as Veronica. Cinema Crazed gave the movie high marks, and it describes why Final Girl is one of the best horror movies on Netflix featuring a strong woman.

“Abigail Breslin has really managed to leave her mark on the horror genre of late. She’s really approached the genre with respect and a lot of charisma, prompting some prime roles only she could tackle. ‘Final Girl’ is one of those roles that seems custom fit for Breslin who uses this role to show she’s no longer the cute little girl or adorable teenager anymore. She’s a woman, and she’s making herself seen big time.

“Veronica is a very interesting heroine who could prove to be able to bring down all kinds of horror tropes while trying to fit in to her current society. There’s even a hinted romance between her and her mentor that’s heavily hinted at, and should there be a sequel, I’d love to see how it’s approached further with a follow up.”


A deaf author, Maddie Young, portrayed by Kate Siegel, lives alone in seclusion. Unfortunately for her, a cold-blooded killer just stumbled upon her home.

There may not be a better film on Netflix that features a tough woman. And Maddie isn’t tough because she’s a trained killer or fighter, but because her spirit is strong. She is unexpectedly thrown into a life-or-death fight, and she is brave, resourceful, and very smart in the way she goes about defending herself.

With outstanding praises from both critics and audiences alike, Hush was one of the most popular horror films from 2016. The Young Folks describes one of the best movies on Netflix.

“Do yourself a favor: Grab a Netflix account, look up Hush, turn off all the lights and enjoy one of the smartest chillers the service has provided. Bolstered by intelligent characters and a nail-biting premise, Hush is easily one of the most striking scary stories 2016 has to offer.”

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From A Nightmare on Elm Street to Hush, some of the best horror movies on Netflix feature a strong female lead and character.

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