The Five Scariest Horror Movies On Netflix For February 2017

When searching for the best movies on Netflix sometimes we want a film that will make us laugh or provide social commentary, and other times we just want a good old-fashioned horror flick to scare us witless. Some of the horror movies below are new to Netflix for February 2017 and others are longtime favorites, but they are all films that will entice genuine fear.

It Follows

A young woman indulges in a night of sexual pleasure and an evil entity starts stalking her.

This was considered one of the best horror movies of 2014 and it is new to Netflix in 2017. Many critics compared the feel of this film to Halloween, which is one of the best compliments a horror movie can receive. It Follows is absolutely relentless with many nail-biting moments. Audiences are sure to feel uneasy while watching this masterpiece.

Though the film deals with the supernatural and seems far-fetched, the movie feels very real thanks to a strong performance by lead actress Maika Monroe (Independence Day: Resurgence). For those that want to see more of this incredible actress on Netflix, she also co-stars in The Guest.


A young woman is placed on house arrest. During her sentence, she starts to figure out that she’s not the only one imprisoned in her home.

This horror-comedy is one of the best movies on Netflix and it has been a longtime favorite among subscribers. Newer Netflix members will want to watch this film if they enjoy laughing as much as they enjoy being scared. The witty humor serves as a nice break in between all of the scary moments and there are several scary moments. The film has a great balance shifting between comedy and horror while often blending the two in the same scene.

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The Shining

This Stanley Kubrick classic (based on the Stephen King novel) is one of newest titles to arrive on the streaming site. Often regarded as one of greatest films of all time, the legendary critic Roger Ebert describes why this is one of the best horror movies on Netflix for February 2017.

“Stanley Kubrick’s cold and frightening ‘The Shining’ challenges us to decide: Who is the reliable observer? Whose idea of events can we trust?

Kubrick delivers this uncertainty in a film where the actors themselves vibrate with unease. There is one take involving Scatman Crothers that Kubrick famously repeated 160 times. Was that “perfectionism,” or was it a mind game designed to convince the actors they were trapped in the hotel with another madman, their director? Did Kubrick sense that their dismay would be absorbed into their performances?”

An American Werewolf in London

Another new addition to Netflix in 2017, this was one of the first modern comedy-horror movies. This is perfect for those wanting a similar balance of the two genres that Housebound provided. The ’80s classic has stood the test of time and it is often regarded as one of the best werewolf movies ever made.


A deaf woman lives in seclusion in the woods and a killer comes across her home; a scary cat-and-mouse game soon unfolds.

With a near-perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, Hush is regarded as one of the best horror movies on Netflix. The site picked up the official distribution rights to this scary film, and it has been a favorite among subscribers ever since it debuted. If you could watch only one horror movie on Netflix, this would be the one to watch.

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