June 29, 2017
Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt From Enemies To Friends, Jolie Still 'Terrified' Brad Will Start Dating Soon?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been through a tumultuous few months since their split was announced. Jolie shocked the world and fans of Brangelina when she announced on September 19 that she would be filing for divorce from Brad Pitt. The two were together for 12 years and had been married for two, yet filmmaker Ian Halperin, who is making a docu-series outlining the ups and downs of Brangelina, insists that the two had been estranged for a year before the announcement was made by Angelina.

The first couple of months after the announcement resulted in high stress and drama for the estranged couple that involved an FBI investigation after an occurrence of alleged abuse by Pitt towards the pair's 15-year-old son Maddox. Pitt was swiftly cleared in the case, but the in-court drama carried on as both legal teams fired low blows on behalf of their clients.

As E! shares, a source spoke out about how devastated Brad was over Angelina's swift and vicious actions regarding him and the kids.

"Brad was shocked at how quickly their family just blew up. Both him and Angelina had always led very private lives and did everything they could to stay out of the public eye for the children's sake. That was an important value and vision that they both shared. And then, for Brad, it felt like she took the kids away and started an all-out war, and that was hard for him to reconcile. They did not speak at all for months. He was furious with her in a way he has never been furious before. This was a defining moment in his life and he felt devastated and lost without his kids. He wanted to protect them but everything was discussed through lawyers."
Pitt had reportedly always hoped the divorce would remain entirely private and therefore the heartthrob was caught off guard when Jolie took the course of action she did.It was not until Angelina and Brad jointly decided to seal court documents in early January that all seemed to settle and the former A-list couple started to work amicably with one another. At that time, the two had their legal teams join forces to release a statement.

The insider shares that the two are now taking the right steps to work things through amicably.

"They have made some progress and are taking small steps in the right direction. Both are in agreement on putting the kids first. So that part of the equation is better."

As for Brad's relationship with his children, he is said to be adored by them all, despite the normal difficulties kids sometimes having with their parents. As of late, Brad has been allowed to spend more time with the brood of six without the presence of a therapist, which Jolie had initially made mandatory. The insider shares about the relationship that Pitt and his children have, even since the split.
"The kids have always adored Brad and have a very solid relationship with him. He is a fun dad and extremely loving and affectionate but definitely the disciplinarian and stricter of the two parents. They have occasional moments, like any parents and kids do, but at the end of the day there is nothing but love, role modeling and guidance at the core."
As for Angelina, she has shown her softer side regarding Brad and spoke out openly on BBC and Good Morning America a couple of months back. During the interview, she noted how she and Brad along with the kids are navigating the difficult time, but that they will always be a family. It's been noted that Angelina is somewhat jealous about her ex moving on too quickly. A source recently spoke with Hollywood Life sharing that Jolie is terrified that Pitt will move on soon.

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