Roger Goodell Caught On Video Wiping A Booger On Disabled Girl At NFL Draft

Roger Goodell had a rough night at the NFL Draft, but not as bad as the disabled girl who appeared to get a booger wiped on her by the NFL Commissioner.

Between being booed every time he stepped to the podium to announce picks at the draft, Goodell had a viral moment when he appeared to wipe his nose and then rub it onto the back of a special guest. The incident was quickly picked up across the internet and used as fodder against the already unpopular NFL Commissioner.

As Mediaite noted, Goodell’s apparent flub was caught in full view of cameras at the NFL Draft.

“During day two of this year’s draft, high school senior Kate Foster was brought up to announce the Chicago Bears second-round pick. The 18-year-old lost her leg to leukemia when she was twelve. Despite this, she still competes in gymnastics and generally has a very optimistic view on life.

“After announcing the Bears had chosen tight end Adam Shaheen, Foster walked away from the podium with Goodell trailing her. And it sure as heck looked like he wiped his nose and left the evidence on Foster’s back.”

The clip of Roger Goodell apparently wiping a booger on the disabled young woman quickly went viral, with many sharing video of the gross incident.

Aside from (quite possibly) wiping a booger on a disabled girl, Roger Goodell had a pretty rough time at the draft. The unpopular commissioner was booed by the Philadelphia crowd pretty much every time he was in sight, and even former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski couldn’t help the commissioner out.

As noted, the Eagles great turned NFL analyst tried to protect Goodell from the boos — to no avail.

“Jaworski tried his best to encourage the crowd to applaud the embattled commissioner, but Goodell, realizing the gesture was futile, turned to Jaworski and said, ‘That’s all right, that’s all right.’

“The booing didn’t appear to come as any great shock to Goodell, who was forced to endure an increasing amount of negative reactions throughout the first day of the draft. He even told the crowd, ‘Just one second, you can resume your booing.’ “

The boos stopped once Goodell left the podium and Jaworski took over.

This wasn’t the first booger-related incident to go viral this year. At one of the Republican debates last March, Texas Senator Ted Cruz appeared to inadvertently eat a booger that made its way out of his nose and toward his mouth.

Like Goodell’s booger flap at the NFL Draft, Cruz’s incident quickly went viral as people circulated the snot-eating video across social media in the hours after the debate.

For those who have a burning desire to see what it looks like for Ted Cruz to eat a booger, the video of the incident can be seen below.

After the booger-wiping incident, Roger Goodell is taking a step out of the spotlight at the NFL Draft. As the draft entered its third day — which encompasses the fourth through seventh rounds and the completion of the draft — Goodell stopped announcing names at the podium.

This could eventually lead to Goodell’s permanent departure from Draft Day duties, Pro Football Talk speculated.

“The biggest question for the 2017 draft is whether Goodell’s bosses will take away his podium privileges, permanently,” the report noted. “Surely he realizes by now that it doesn’t help him, it doesn’t help the league, and it doesn’t help the draft for the Commissioner to continue to be the face of the event.”

If it means that Roger Goodell won’t wipe boogers on disabled girls anymore, that could be a wise decision for the NFL.

[Featured Image by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for SiriusXM]