Beyonce Ordered Off A Menu, And The Internet Can’t Handle It

When Beyonce does something – anything – the chances that it’ll become a meme are somewhere around 97 percent.

So when Beyonce simply ordered food off a menu at L.A. celebrity hotspot Beauty & Essex, naturally all cameras were pointed at her – even though it was a private dinner!

Beyonce, who’s an on-again, off-again vegan, uploaded on Thursday a series of photos taken during the night, of which one featured the “Lemonade” hitmaker ordering food off a menu, as one of Beauty & Essex waitresses attentively listened to the singer.

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The attentive waitress, who’s seen excitedly reacting to one of the items Beyonce was ordering, probably knows that Beyonce is vegan and on top of that she’s pregnant with twins – so obviously she didn’t want to mishear the word “zucchini” for “martini” (the 35-year-old singer can’t drink alcohol, she’s pregnant!).

Other guests of the private dinner – besides Beyonce and her husband Jay Z – were DJ Khaled, Kevin Hart, Destiny’s Child backup singer Kelly Rowland, and many others. The “Lemonade” hitmaker attended the event in a garnet dress, which emphasized her baby bump.

The internet went crazy after Beyonce uploaded the snap. With many of her 100-million Instagram followers wondering if the singer actually ate vegan food at the private dinner thrown in honor of Roc Nation exec Lenny Santiago’s birthday, others came up with their own, hilarious dialog between Beyonce and the waitress.

Among the things that Beyonce could be ordering the moment she was captured on camera, is “vegan icewater,” one Twitter user suggested.

Another Twitter user suggested that Beyonce could be giving the waitress a hard time saying that lemonade should be served free for her, since she invented it (for those living in a cave, Beyonce released hit album named Lemonade in April 2016).

Or that hilarious tweet from Holy Alejandro, who suggested that the waitress could be offering Beyonce for the chefs to cook everything on the menu so she can make a choice after seeing it all.

While it remains a mystery what Beyonce actually ordered that night, and if that food was vegan, it’s probably safe to say that the Los Angeles clubstaurant made some big bucks that night.

While Beyonce and Jay Z clearly spent a fortune enjoying the private dinner, TMZ sources claim that the parents-to-be are currently on a budget – though the budget is $80 million – and are looking for new home.

As Beyonce and Jay Z are looking to buy a dream home in Los Angeles before the “Formation” hitmaker gives birth to their twins, the couple is struggling to find their ideal house below the $80 million price range.

According to real estate sources cited by TMZ, Beyonce and Jay Z have spent several years trying to buy a home that wouldn’t break their budget. Though that doesn’t mean the two aren’t checking homes above $80 million.

In fact, just last month Beyonce and Jay Z looked at a Bel Air home that costs $135 million! But the couple didn’t buy that house.

Beyonce and Jay Z are reportedly still looking at homes in Los Angeles, and the two seem intent on finding the house below the $80 million price range.

While there are certainly plenty of luxury houses in L.A. below that price range, Beyonce and Jay Z want the best of the best. Forbes reported last year that Bey and her husband were the highest-paid celebrity couple, earning an impressive $107.5 million in 2015 alone.

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