‘Days Of Our Lives’ Xander Cook Is Back: What Is His Story Anyway?

Xander Cook has been on and off the Days Of Our Lives set several times recently. He always has tunnel vision for revenge on his target. Where did he come from to have so much hatred for the fine residents of Salem?

For starters, Xander Cook’s real name is actually Alexandros Kiriakis. He is the son of Victor’s brother, Titus. According to She Knows, he got into some trouble as a teenager, really bad trouble. Victor’s money made the charge of manslaughter reduce down to assault and battery. After that incident, he started going by Xander, short for Alexandros, and Cook which was his mother’s maiden name.

Xander Cook had grown up in the Kiriakis family and had always felt overshadowed by Brady and Daniel. His resentment and jealousy for the two are deeply embedded in him.

Days Of Our Lives brought Xander Cook to Salem in 2015. He assured his uncle that he was there for all the right reasons. Victor told Xander Cook that he would help him as long as he was serious about finding a job and staying out of trouble. Well, of course Xander had a secret plan that his uncle would not approve of.

When Xander Cook came to Salem, he was actually following Serena Mason. Serena and Eric had known Cook in Africa where he and Serena had gotten involved in diamond smuggling. When Xander Cook met Nicole, who was in love with Eric, he fell hard for her. She used him to get information on what he was up to with Serena in an effort to protect Eric.

Days Of Our Lives viewers knew they had a new deranged villain and weren’t surprised when Xander ended up taking Nicole and Eric hostage. Once it was all sorted out, Xander Cook had fallen from grace in the eyes of Victor. His uncle made him work as a gardener at the Kiriakis mansion and reminded him often of his disappointment in him.

Eventually, Theresa Donavon seduces him only to claim it was rape. While the Salem PD couldn’t get the evidence to convict Xander Cook for the kidnapping and attempted murder of Nicole and Eric, they had everything they needed for a conviction this time. Xander Cook was shipped off to prison for raping Theresa.

In August 2016, Days Of Our Lives fans watched as three former Salemites returned for revenge. A prison break led by Orpheus with Xander and Clyde Weston brought nothing but fear and chaos to Salem. Xander Cook’s target was of course Theresa.

With no options left and the police out to get him, Xander Cook got help from Victor one last time. His uncle helped him fake his death. The Days Of Our Lives family thought they were safe at last from the vindictive ways of Cook.

Xander is now on the prowl again. He has tracked down the woman he had wanted to be with, Nicole, and Brady in Canada. With Nicole his apparent target, Brady is shot and Nicole is kidnapped with her baby.


What does all this mean for the folks of Salem? Well, Victor is going to be over the top livid. Brady is his beloved grandson and Xander had already pushed Victor too far. If you’re a fan of Xander Cook you should hope that the police find him before his uncle does.


We know that Arianna Zucker, the actress that plays Nicole, has opted to not renew her contract and will be leaving Days Of Our Lives. Is this possibly how the new writers will have her exit the show? Could Xander Cook be on track to get the revenge he has wanted for so long? Sound off in the comments below!

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