Mustache Transplants Exist, Becoming More Popular In Middle East

For the follicly challenged, growing a mustache can be a daunting task. During Movember, these mustache-desiring individuals feel ashamed and saddened by their thins lip sweaters and some of them have even resorted to mustache transplants.

According to CNN, mustache transplants are becoming more popular in the Middle East. Young men who want to look older are opting to go under the knife in order to achieve Tom Selleck-like mustaches.

Turkish plastic surgeon Selahattin Tulunay said that he now performs multiple mustache transplants, or follicular unit extractions, every day.

Tulunay said:

“For some men who look young and junior, they think (a mustache) is a must to look senior … more professional and wise. They think it is prestigious.”

Pierre Bouhanna, is a Paris-based surgeon, added:

“My impression is more and more they want to establish their male aspect. They want a strong mustache.”

The Slideshow reports that the procedure involves taking hair from other parts of the body and implanting them in the desired region. The procedure costs about $7000.

Selleck, Aaron Rodgers and David Axelrod may be the mustache kings in America but Tulunay says that most of his patients request a mustache like Turkish singer Ibrahim Tatlises.

Ibrahim Tatlises

Fox 8 reports that man in the Middle East hold mustaches in high regard. Andrew Hammond, a Saudi Arabia-based journalist, said:

“Having a mustache was always a big thing, ever since the Ottoman time. Most Arab leaders have mustaches, or some form of facial hair. I think culturally it suggests masculinity, wisdom and experience. “

What do you think about mustache transplants? Are you surprised that they are becoming popular?