Ben Affleck ‘Dating Again,’ Just Weeks After Jennifer Garner Divorce: His Plans After Couple's Split

Maurice Cassidy

Ben Affleck is ready to start dating again, just one month after he signed off on the divorce papers which Jennifer Garner had initially retracted.

Fans were confused when Ben Affleck filed his own divorce papers, just months after Garner had made the decision to cancel her plans in going through with the process, giving the impression that things were looking much better for the couple.

It turns out that the only reason Jennifer called off the divorce plans earlier this year was so that Ben Affleck would have an easier time focusing his attention on getting better at the rehab facility he was at to treat his addiction to alcohol.

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She very much helped him get through his time in rehab earlier this year, but now that he's better, it was finally time to pull the plug on their marriage and move on.

Sources say that Ben Affleck clearly isn't wasting time when it comes to dating again. He's not rushing into anything but he's definitely interested in seeing where things take him with the women he'll date in the near future.

Now that his split from Jennifer is official, Ben Affleck wants to focus his attention on his movie career more than ever, and if he can make time to date someone, he'll definitely do that. After all, Ben Affleck definitely sees himself falling in love again in the near future, but again, he's not forcing himself into anything.

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"Ben is looking forward to remaining healthy from his recent stint in rehab and is looking forward to the single life," the insider gushes to Hollywood Life. "He doesn't want to be tied down in a relationship, he wants to date around and enjoy being single for awhile."

Ben Affleck shares a close relationship with execs over at Warner Bros., who he plans on directing plenty of movies for in the near future. He's overjoyed with how well his life has turned around in the course of two years.

Ben Affleck was allegedly destroyed by the divorce filing in 2015, but now, when he looks back at it, he knew it was the right decision for him and Jennifer Garner.

Earlier this year, Affleck mentioned that he was grateful for the loyalty and support Jennifer had shown him throughout their marriage and his time in rehab, where she continued to remain by his side and help him overcome his alcohol addiction, Us Weekly notes.

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As previously mentioned, Ben Affleck will continue to remain close friends with Jennifer. It's unclear when Ben will start dating again, but he's certainly not ruling it out to happen this year, depending on how he feels about that given person — but his main focus right now is his career and his family.

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