Brad Pitt Overnight Visit With Kids Implies Angelina Jolie Divorce, Custody Battle Is Over?

Brad Pitt was granted a recent overnight visit with his two children, Maddox and Pax, which sources say is giving off the impression that the actor’s feud with Angelina Jolie is coming to an end.

Brad Pitt and Jolie have been feuding since the actress’ decision to divorce the 12 Years A Slave star, who was said to have been blindsided by the sudden decision to end the marriage — Angie supposedly didn’t even mention anything about her wanting to part ways before she pulled the plug.

From there, a nasty custody battle broke out, with sources insisting that Jolie was focused on getting sole custody of all six children, having insinuated through a slew of shocking headlines about Brad that Pitt was incapable of caring for the kids by himself.

Now that the drama between Brad Pitt and Angelina has subsided, Jolie has been open to the idea of potentially wanting to co-parent with her ex-husband, realizing that feuding with the man she spent more than a decade of her life with would only backfire in the end.

Angelina has been very vocal about wanting the best for her kids, and in saying that, insiders believe that she’s come to the understanding that feuding with Brad for the sake of getting only what she thinks is best for the family would ultimately hurt the children.

Just over a week ago, Brad Pitt was granted an overnight visit with his eldest sons, having been accompanied by two nannies that were hired by Jolie. The couple is now said to be making the effort in working better as co-parents to raise their kids together, hinting that the custody battle may have already come to an end.

“Along with their younger siblings, Maddox and Pax had an overnight visit with their father. The kids were in the company of two nannies employed by Angie, and the nannies also spent the night at Brad’s house,” Celeb Dirty Laundry quotes In Touch.

“Initially, Brad was resisting having them there, but Angie insisted it was being recommended by the therapists, so he agreed. They all had a family dinner around the table, which Brad truly enjoyed. It was total chaos, as the kids all wanted to eat different things, and Brad was grateful to have a chef who accommodated all of their requests.”

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for Brad Pitt, who was battling Angelina over her wishes to be the sole guardian of all six children — a request that the actor was unwilling to cooperate with, having made it known that he would battle the actress in court over the custodial rights.

The supposed fact that Brad Pitt and Angie are able to see one another and be open to the idea of having the children move back and forth between each parent has shown significant growth between the two, E! Online shared.

Whatever Angelina’s reasons were for allegedly portraying Brad Pitt to be a bad father has been subsided. She’s very open now to the idea of having Brad involved in all things regarding their family.

Just two weeks ago, it was reported that Jolie had bought a home in Los Feliz, California, just three miles away from Brad’s home. It certainly seems as if things are moving in the right direction for the duo.

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