Jesse Williams: ‘He’s Dead F****** Wrong’ To Divorce Aryn Drake-Lee After She Supported Actor, Says Source

Jesse Williams is getting backlash over his impending divorce from Aryn Drake-Lee. According to Page Six, Drake-Lee was with Williams for many years, picking up the financial slack so that Jesse could pursue his acting dreams. Jesse and Aryn dated for five years prior to getting married in 2012, and they have been together a total of 13 years.

Part of the reason for the demise of the marriage, according to sources that know Drake-Lee, was due to the fact that Jesse became a big star via his role on Grey’s Anatomy and reportedly wanted to try out the single life.

“[Jesse] wants to be the hot single guy in Hollywood.”

It didn’t help that photos of Drake-Lee and Williams — like the one above and those below — have been posted in plenty of memes and articles online with folks asking why Jesse would choose a mate that wasn’t similar in looks to a Hollywood actress. However, Aryn worked as the main breadwinner in the union until Williams got his big Hollywood acting break in 2009.

“She poured money into this relationship and sacrificed her life for him, and now he wants to go out and be the hot single Hollywood guy. Jesse wants to. . . do whatever he thinks will make him a bigger star. He’s drinking his own Kool-Aid and it’s ‘the Jesse show.’ He’s dead f****** wrong. He did not respect those vows. He wants to be single.”

Friends who know the couple claim that Williams is wrong to divorce Aryn after Drake-Lee put so much time and effort and money into their marriage. The couple have two children.

Photos of Aryn and Jesse Over the Year

Photos of Jesse and Aryn show the couple back in 2008, when Drake-Lee joined Williams at the world premiere of the movie titled The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 in New York City. Additional photos of Aryn and Jesse from 2008 show Williams and Drake-Lee at Heidi Klum’s Halloween party at 1 OAK N.Y.C., all dressed up in their holiday garb on October 31, 2008.

Aryn Drake Lee
Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Prada]

Jesse and Aryn Went to Milan Fashion Week in 2011

Jesse and Aryn also hit the fashion circuit together, traveling all the way to Milan, Italy, where they were photographed at the Roberto Cavalli fashion show during Milan Fashion Week on June 18, 2011.

Rumors about Williams dating Minka Kelly, an ex of Derek Jeter, were not directly addressed by Jesse, according to Page Six. However, the publication claims that Kelly and Jesse are indeed dating and working on a video game with others.

Williams took over as the major earner when he and Drake-Lee moved to Los Angeles for Grey’s Anatomy, so that leveled the playing field for Drake-Lee and Williams in terms of financial matters.

However, folks are noting that it couldn’t have been easy for Aryn, who is known by the last name Drake-Lee Williams in the below description of the photo from March 11, 2017, in Los Angeles, California, to hear feedback about not looking like she belongs with Jesse.

Jesse Williams
Aryn Drake-Lee Williams and guests [Image by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for MOCA]

According to Page Six, Williams did not answer questions about dating Minka. Instead, when Jesse was asked about the rumored relationship, Jesse turned around to show the back of his jacket to the camera, which said, “Don’t Believe the Hype.”

Jesse and Aryn did not give comments to Page Six about the report, but folks on social media had plenty to say about the demise of the marriage, as witnessed in comments on Twitter about 35-year-old Jesse’s divorce from Aryn.

More photos of Aryn and Jesse can be viewed in the Getty Images gallery.

[Featured Image by John Shearer/Getty Images]