Paris Jackson Calls ’13 Reasons Why’ Triggering; Selena Gomez Defends Netflix Hit Amid Controversy

13 Reasons Why has been criticized by a few celebrities since its Netflix release less than a month ago, and now Paris Jackson has issued a warning about the controversial series, claiming that the Selena Gomez directed show is “very triggering.”

Paris Jackson was honest in her assessment of 13 Reasons Why and spoke about how powerful and equally upsetting the new Netflix drama is after coming across a blog post about it that she wanted to share. Paris warned that those who might be suicidal or who already self-harm should avoid watching the show that chronicles the taped reasons why the main character decided to take her own life.

Paris Jackson’s Instagram post shares a popular post written by an unknown author about why she does not want anyone else to watch 13 Reasons Why. The post cited the upsetting and triggering content shared in the new Netflix series. Considering that Paris Jackson revealed earlier this year that she attempted suicide multiple times as a teenager and has been dealing with bullies for years.

“Don’t watch it. Do not watch this f**ked up mess of a show. If you’re suicidal, if you’re depressed, if you self-harm, and/or if you have any trauma associated with that, please do not watch this show,” says the post within Paris Jackson’s post.

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The original poster warned that she had already been working in suicide prevention in an area that has experienced an epidemic of teen suicides. As a matter of fact, it’s the same area that where the writers and producers for 13 Reasons Why met with local experts when putting together the Netflix series. She even claimed that the 13 Reasons Why crew did exactly what they were warned not to do when making the instant hit. Now, there is a real fear that 13 Reasons Why could be a catalyst for a whole new rash of teen suicides because of the triggering and highly upsetting content of the show.

While Paris didn’t beg people to boycott 13 Reasons Why, she did support the blog post that asked people to do exactly that. It seems that the intended message in 13 Reasons Why, the lesson that bullying causes teens to take their own lives, is not missed by Paris Jackson. In the caption to her Instagram post, Paris Jackson wrote about the show.

“came across this online and i’m not sure what the source is but this is really important to spread towards people that are struggling with depression or anxiety, self-harm, and or suicidal thoughts. this show was an amazing way to get the message across to bullies that they need to stop doing what they are doing, it really did a good job of showing how impactful words and actions can be to other human beings. you can’t just do or say things to people without thinking about how it will affect them. but at the same time it is also an extremely triggering thing to watch. please only watch this show with caution and keep in mind that it may put you in a dark place. if you are struggling please don’t watch it. if you think you can handle it, please by all means check it out.”

Despite all of the criticism that has been directed toward 13 Reasons Why since the Netflix series was released and became incredibly popular, executive producer Selena Gomez still stands by the show. She even teased recently that there may be a Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why coming to Netflix soon. It turns out that the streaming service is definitely considering another addition to the show and have been tossing around ideas about how to continue the series for weeks in a writer’s room.

In a recent interview with E! News, Selena Gomez admitted that the success of13 Reasons Why had her “a little overwhelmed and very surprised.”

“I believed in the project for so long and I understood what the message was,” Selena said. “I just wanted it to come across in a way that kids would be frightened, but confused ― in a way that they would talk about it because it’s something that’s happening all the time. So, I’m overwhelmed that it’s doing as well as it’s doing.”

Should there be a warning associated with the Netflix streaming series 13 Reasons Why after so many have spoken out about how triggering the hit show can be? Sound off in the comments section below.

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