Michael Schumacher Update: Legend’s Son Mick Sets Eye On F1 Future As Close Friend Makes A Pledge

F1 legend Michael Schumacher is still recovering from the effects of his horrific skiing accident more than three years ago, but his son, Mick, has begun to live up to his father’s name. Being the son of arguably the best F1 driver in the world, Mick has set his eyes on becoming a formidable name in F1 racing as well. The young man’s efforts have been lauded by many, including a close family photographer who promised never to take photos of Michael Schumacher ever again.

Over the course of Michael Schumacher’s long and legendary career, he won seven F1 championships. This is something that his son, Mick, is attempting to attain in the future. The racing legend’s son made his official F3 debut in Silverstone earlier this month, and his performance has been stellar so far. In the past three races alone, Mick Schumacher impressed many, finishing at sixth, eighth, and 18th place, according to a report from the Daily Star.

The young racer might still be years away from taking over his father’s spot at the top of the F1 mountain, but the upstart driver has declared that he would do anything in his power to ensure that he eventually attains his dream of becoming a Formula One Champion. Mick, however, also stated that his efforts are not rooted in his desire to live to up his legendary father’s name. Instead, his motivations for racing lie purely on his love for motorsports.

“I think it gives me a lot of opportunities. It’s my name, I can not change it. I love driving, that’s why I do it and not because of my name. I feel no pressure, maybe that’s what some would like, but I do what I have to do, I pilot, and that’s it.”

Considering Mick’s performance during the past few F3 races, however, it might only be a matter of time before the young racer enters the F1 league. As for when this would actually happen, however, Mick has stated that fans would most likely have to wait a couple more years before he could officially race in Formula One.

“I think I’m not ready for that yet. I prefer to do things my way, and I still have to prove myself as a driver. I still have to make progress. I’m playing my first season in F3 this year. My goal is to learn and be the best rookie of the championship this year. Currently, I still lack regularity. My goal is to win in two years. My goal is to fight against the best drivers in the world, and they’re in F1.”

Mick’s efforts to make a name for himself in a sport that his father dominated during his prime has managed to get the respect and admiration of racing fans worldwide. Among them is close Schumacher family friend and Michael’s photographer Michel Comte, who stated that the young man’s efforts in the world of racing are extremely admirable.

“It’s fantastic that he is racing too. He can become a new Michael.”

The 63-year-old veteran photographer has been a close family friend of the Schumachers since being commissioned to take photos of the legendary racing driver. Over the course of their working relationship, Michael has dubbed Comte as a “friend” and “one of the best photographers,” according to a report from the Express.

While their professional relationship spanned over a decade, however, Comte has stated that he would not be taking any photos of the F1 legend anymore. According to the veteran photographer, he prefers to remember Michael Schumacher for who he was before his horrific skiing accident more than three years ago.

“I have not asked if I can make pictures of him. I want to remember him as we see him here.”

Michael Schumacher’s health condition has been kept secret by his family since his skiing accident more than three years ago. After being in a coma for six months, Schumacher has spent his days recovering in his Switzerland home. The condition of his health remains unknown.

[Featured Image by Luca Bruno/AP Images]