‘Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans’ Fans Accuse Her Of Abusing Her Dogs

Jenelle Evans has come under hot water in the past for the mistreatment of her dogs by placing them in one small cage together. And while she’s graduated from doing that, fans are still unhappy with the way she’s treating her fur children.

Jenelle Evans has recently moved into a custom-built home with fiance, David Eason, his daughter from a previous relationship, and her children. With them, of course, came Jenelle’s dogs. In the past, she’s come under fire for keeping them locked away in small cages where they barely had room to move around, and this time, she’s in trouble for doing just the opposite.

The reality TV star took to Snapchat to prove that her dogs no longer live in their captive cages, and that they spend all day outdoors. However, fans weren’t pleased to learn that her dogs spent the night in freezing cold temperatures outside.


She snapped a photo of the pups huddled up together, commenting that she thought it was funny that they had so much land, but ended up curled up against on another. Commenters from near Jenelle Evans’ area said that they were likely curling up against each other in order to stay warm in the freezing rain.

Commenters weighed in on the treatment the dogs were receiving.

“Jenelle is an ignorant and uncaring owner, unsurprisingly,” one wrote.

“Jesus God Jenelle. The look on their faces are heartbreaking,” another chimed in.

So while the dogs may have a place to roam, they also need a place to go to keep away from the cold.

Aside from her dog issue, Jenelle Evans, the mother of three, is currently locked in a fierce custody battle with her mother, Barb, over her eldest son, Jace, 7. Jenelle gave custody of Jace to her mother not long after he was born after it became evident she could not care for him due to her drug abuse and other bad habits.

Barb agreed to turn Jace over to Jenelle Evans when she “got her life together,” but it appears Barb hasn’t made good on the promise. This has lead to Jenelle refusing to film Teen Mom 2 scenes with Barb and threatening to quit the show for good if Barb continues filming.


Still, Jenelle Evans says she works hard to make sure Jace is still part of the family and doesn’t feel like the odd man out.

“I make sure that I get Jace every weekend and have Kaiser every other weekend. During that time, [Jace] is constantly around all the kids and family until he goes back to my mom’s on Sunday nights. I have also been trying to take family photos lately of everyone together. I don’t want anyone to feel excluded from our family,” she recently told E! Online.

Aside from her custody battle, the young mother is currently planning a wedding to fiance, David Eason, and is enjoying life as a mother to her newborn, Ensley.

Jenelle Evans insists she has never been happier and that some of her problems with her mother, Barb, stem from Barb being jealous over the time Jenelle spends with the men in her life.

“My mom is still not wanting to give up her grudge against any guy I date. David has never done anything wrong to her and still doesn’t really speak to her to this day, even though he disagrees with a lot of things she believes. I have no idea why my mom feels this way towards David, but I’m thinking it might be a jealously issue. My mom claims I never ‘hang out’ with her when I date someone,” she explained.

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