Jenelle Evans Putting Her Children’s Lives At Risk? Not More Than Other Celebrities

Jenelle Evans has been sharing pictures of her newest addition to her family, her baby daughter Ensley. This Teen Mom 2 star gave birth to her daughter earlier this year and it sounds like she loves being a mother to a little baby girl. Plus, Evans is in a committed relationship with David Eason, so having that support from a partner surely helps out a lot. And because she has so many fans from the Teen Mom 2 franchise, Jenelle wants to share pictures of her baby girl.

Over the past couple of weeks, Evans has been sharing pictures of her daughter with bows on her head. And like so many other celebrities, Jenelle is using these bows to make her photoshoots a bit more feminine. So when one person pointed out that these bows are dangerous because they could suffocate the baby, Evans revealed she had full control over the situation. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans admits that she only uses the bows for photos, not on a daily basis.

“I only use her bows for pictures lol,” Jenelle Evans tweeted to her fans after she was confronted with the accusation that she’s using a dangerous accessory to make her baby look more feminine.

Bows all the time. ???? #Bows #LittlePrincess #Adorable #BabyGirl #EnsleyJolie

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Evans is an easy target when it comes to questioning her parenting skills. Since she gave up Jace, she’s been fighting to get him back in her legal custody. Even though Jenelle’s mother is taking care of him, it doesn’t make Jenelle a bad mother. In fact, it seems like she’s doing quite well and comments about the bow just seem like random outbursts to make her look bad and irresponsible. However, it sounds like she has full control over everything, and she’s no worse a mom than other celebrities using bows on their baby girls.

Of course, Jenelle Evans’ life looks much different these days compared to a few years ago. Many people were convinced that she had turned her life around when she had a baby with Nathan Griffith, but his cheating turned everything upside down. Now, Jenelle can reflect on her life, revealing that her mornings are much different than just five years ago.

“My mornings now compared to 5 years ago is really eye opening. Family is everything to me and always will be. Where I was years ago compared to now, I look back on everything and think “holy shit, I made it.” I hope everyone can watch the series and see my journey and learn from it. Thanks for continuing to watch my life, hope I entertained you the past 7/8 years,” the Teen Mom 2 star revealed in an Instagram post, where she showed off David Eason, little Ensley, and Kaiser.

1st Easter! #HappyEaster ????????

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And it sounds like many of her fans are excited about her turnaround. Many people reached out to Jenelle Evans, congratulating her on turning her life around and they all seem very proud of her progress.

“Proud of you girl. I loved watching your journey and can’t wait to read your book. You are my favorite. You rock,” one person wrote to her on Instagram, while others wrote, “I am so proud of you girl you have come so far and your a great mom and sweet person inside and out and wish I could meet you Jenelle I am a huge fan of yours,” and ” So proud of you! You are brave to share your journey with us. This social media is rough! We are all not perfect and make mistakes and then we learn from them.You are so strong and I think you are giving your kids a better mom than what you had growing up! You go girl!”

What do you think of Jenelle Evans using bows on her daughter’s head? Do you think she’s being responsible in only using them during photo shoots, or do you think she’s just an easy target based on everything she’s been through?

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