‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 90-92 Tease Goku Vs. Gohan Battle, Missing Universe 7 Fighter

Dragon Ball Super has been taking its time building up to its grandest tournament since the franchise started, but if a new set of episode summaries is any indication, it appears that things are about to escalate in the next few weeks. As teased in leaked summaries for DBS Episodes 90-92, a great battle between Goku and Gohan would ensue, and just before the Tournament of Power begins, the Universe 7 team would discover that one particular member would be missing.

The leaks, translated by noted fan-translator Todd Blankenship, featured the episode summaries for Dragon Ball Super Ep 88-92. While Episodes 88 and 89 merely teased the recruitment of the final members of the U7 team, episodes 90-92 have managed to incite interest among longtime fans of the series. This is because after weeks of the anime simply focusing on the recruitment of fighters for the upcoming tournament, DBS appears to be finally shifting gears.

The first episode that has managed to get numerous fans of the longtime anime franchise interested is Dragon Ball Super Episode 90, titled “Overcoming the Wall! Goku x Gohan.” The official summary for the episode has not been released as of date, though speculations are high among avid fans of the anime series that the episode would feature a battle between the father and son tandem. Considering that Gohan would be fresh off his training with Piccolo during this time, the fight between the two mighty Saiyans would most likely be entertaining to watch.

Avid fans of Dragon Ball Super have expressed their enthusiasm with regards to the upcoming fight between Goku and his son in online forums such as Reddit, especially since the episode preview for DBS Episode 88 appears to tease that Gohan would be fighting with his Ultimate form once more. Fans of the series noted this due to the subtle change in the character’s hairstyle, which echoes much of Gohan’s design when he faced Evil Buu in his base form back in Dragon Ball Z.

With Ultimate Gohan returning to Dragon Ball Super, it would definitely be interesting to see how the young fighter would be able to hold his own against the overwhelming power of his father’s Super Saiyan Blue transformation. Then again, Goku’s SSJB form has mainly been nerfed during the last few episodes of DBS. Thus, there is almost a certainty that Gohan would definitely put up a massive fight against his father’s most powerful transformation during their match.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 91, titled “The Mightiest Warriors Assemble,” does not have a summary as of date. Considering the title of the episode, however, fans of the anime are speculating that Ep 91 would likely deal with the gathering of the final lineup of Universe 7 fighters. This particular development has not actually surprised fans, considering that the series is preparing for the Tournament of Power. The next episode, however, appears to be a lot more interesting.

The summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 “All the Members Aren’t Here?” has not been revealed as of date, though just like Ep 91, the title teases a lot of things about the episode’s plot. Interestingly, it appears that one of the fighters from the Universe 7 team would be missing at the eve of the Tournament of Power for reasons that remain unknown.

The Universe 7 fighter who would be missing right before the team leaves for the tournament is unknown at this point, though speculations point to either Krillin or Buu being the fighters who might end up reneging at the last moment. Krillin has been depicted to be a bit apprehensive about fighting stronger opponents in the Tournament of Power, and Buu could simply be sleeping while all the other fighters are preparing to leave for the battle. Regardless of which fighter would be missing, however, this last twist for the Universe 7 team would most likely add a bit more humor, or drama for that matter, into the developing Universe Survival Arc of Dragon Ball Super.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]