‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 75: LSSJ Female Broly, A Killer Clown God, And More Universe Survival Arc Details Released

Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 just aired, and it was as light and humorous as expected. With Goku training with his firstborn son and his best friend, it was unsurprising that the episode included a lot of laughs and some well-choreographed fighting scenes. What really stole the episode, however, was the new trailer for the upcoming Universe Survival Arc. While very brief, the teaser was able to trigger a huge amount of interest among longtime Dragon Ball fans.

The Universe Survival Arc is set to begin on February 5, with the two Omni-Kings inviting fighters from numerous universes to participate in a grand multiverse tournament. What is particularly interesting is the stakes in the upcoming battle, since it was revealed in an early preview that losing universes in the battle would be immediately annihilated. Thus, it would not be an understatement to declare that the Universe Survival Arc, as prominently teased in Dragon Ball Super Episode 75, would be the franchise’s most epic saga to date.

The fact that the upcoming battle would see the participation of fighters from multiple DB universes is one of the main reasons why the fillers in the current and previous weeks have been focused on one thing — training. The last two filler episodes were focused on Gohan, whose strength was fully confirmed in Dragon Ball Super Episode 75, with the fighter engaging in an intense sparring session with his father. The latter half of Episode 75 and next week’s episode would be focused on Goku and Krillin, who would also be training, most likely as preparation for the upcoming tournament.

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 75 featured a number of humorous scenes.
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While Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 was quite satisfying due to the nostalgic nods to the original DB series of the 1980s, it was the new teaser for the Universe Survival Arc that ultimately stole the show. The brief preview, which lasted for just about 15 seconds, revealed numerous exciting things about the new arc. Earlier this week, fans were graced with the reveal of a new God of Destruction and another Angel. In the new preview, however, there was so much more that was unveiled.

One of the most prominent things that Dragon Ball Super fans noted in Episode 75’s Universe Survival Arc preview was a new female character that appears to be somewhat related to Cabba of Universe 6. What was particularly interesting about the young girl was that she transformed into a Super Saiyan. She didn’t transform into a regular SSJ form, however. In the few moments she was featured, the still-unnamed female character transformed into a green haired, pupil-less, bulky fighter, reminiscent of Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan.

The character’s brief appearance in the preview managed to get numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit extremely excited. After all, while Broly has never really been part of the DBZ canon, the legendary fighter’s appearance and fight against the Z fighters is widely considered as one of the most memorable battles in the entire franchise. With the recently released Universe Survival Arc preview in Dragon Ball Super Episode 75, it appears that Akira Toriyama might finally make the LSSJ form canon.

A number of new Gods of Destruction featured in the new Universe Survival Arc teaser on Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 attracted the attention of numerous fans as well. The first, which many speculate would be a sinister god, appears to be a character taken directly from Stephen King’s bestselling novel It. The God of Destruction, who looks like a killer clown, was accompanied by a female Angel who looks to be about the same age as Vados of Universe 6. Though no details are known about the character as of writing, the killer clown’s expression alone has encouraged numerous fans to speculate that the God of Destruction would be evil.

The other God of Destruction featured in the trailer included in DBS Episode 75 is a pink Elephant god, who is accompanied by Gowasu of the recently concluded Future Trunks arc. The Elephant god, which noted Dragon Ball Super translators such as @Herms98 are fondly calling Ganesha for now, is accompanied by a young female Angel. A God of Destruction who seems to be made of metal was also featured, though no details have been revealed about the character as of date.

Other aspects of the Universe Survival Arc preview in Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 that attracted a lot of attention were a number of battle sequences featuring some of the Z fighters. Krillin was depicted attacking someone and Son Goku was revealed to be fighting what appears to be a Human-Dog hybrid. While flashes of new characters and a few fight scenes are only known about the Universe Survival Arc, fans of the franchise have reacted to the available information with much optimism.

The Universe Survival Arc is set to begin in two weeks. From what Dragon Ball Super has aired over the last couple of weeks, it appears that a number of the Z fighters would be playing a significant role in the battle to come. It remains to be seen if the Universal Tournament would be a great arc or not, but from what has been revealed in Episode 15’s teaser, it appears that the upcoming battle might very well be Dragon Ball Super‘s grandest, most ambitious saga since the franchise debuted decades ago.


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