‘Pretty Little Liars’: Lucy Hale Is Excited To Say Goodbye To Aria Montgomery – Find Out Why

Pretty Little Liars will soon come to an end, and so will the characters. This includes Aria Montgomery, played by Lucy Hale. In an interview, the actress said she is ready to say goodbye to the Rosewood character. Find out why and what she had to say about how fans view her after being on the Freeform series for so long.

Once the PLL Season 7B finale airs, that will be the end of Rosewood. For seven years, viewers have tuned in and tried to unravel the many mysteries of the television show. Now that the long-running series is saying goodbye, one actress has come forward to talk about the end of her character and what it might mean for her future.

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In an interview with Bustle, Lucy Hale said she enjoyed playing the role of Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars. However, she is also looking forward to fans seeing her as someone other than her character. As an example of this, it was reported that a barista wrote “Aria” on her Starbucks cups instead of her real name.

“When you’re on a TV show, people think that they know you and think that you are your character and that you dress like your character. It’ll be a nice challenge to get people to see me in a different light.”

After being on the television show for so many years, she wants to show others different parts of herself. She joked that perhaps she might even surprise herself because Aria became a part of her.

“It’s been great to live in that Pretty Little Liars world for so long and get to fall in love with my character, which I did — Aria became part of my identity — but it’s gonna be nice to let that go.”

Being on a TV show for so many years poses another problem. It means she has to prove herself as an actress all over again. Some people may only recognize her as playing someone like Aria. Other actors have had this problem and sometimes, they struggle to get more diverse roles. Even though Hale is aware of this, she remains confident that she can break through any potential barriers. The actress explained that some individuals will have preconceived notions, but she enjoys proving people wrong.

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Some former TV stars end up having serious issues after they are no longer on a show. However, Lucy has thought about this and knows how to prevent it from happening to her.

“I know that it’s not always gonna be on that level, and I’m fine with that. I’ve seen it really mess with people when they’re in the spotlight and then they’re not necessarily in the spotlight, and they do something crazy to be in the spotlight again. So you have to have a life outside of it, and luckily, I have really great friends and family to keep me grounded, and I recognize what’s real and what’s not. I have a sense of who I am outside of my job and the Lucy Hale that people know.”

The Pretty Little Liars actress already has been working on other projects. Right after Season 7B finished filming, she was cast in Life Sentence. It is about a young woman named Stella who finds out she doesn’t have cancer like she thought. In the storyline, Stella must deal with the decisions she made when she believed she was dying. Hale said that Aria and Stella are completely different, which is what Lucy wanted so people didn’t think she could only play one type of character.

The future looks bright for Lucy Hale and the other Pretty Little Liars characters. It will be exciting to see what kind of projects they will work on next.

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