Who Is Topher Brophy And His Dog Rosenberg? From Instagram Sensation To Samsung Commercials

Have you caught a glimpse of the recent Samsung commercials where a man introduces himself as Topher Brophy and his son Rosenberg, and wondered, who is Topher Brophy? Well, Brophy, a dog dad, and his look-alike dog and fur son, Rosenberg, started dressing alike to pose for photos on Instagram, and started an Instagram sensation, proving that you don’t need to be perfect to be an Instagram model. And imagine that it all started with Brophy adopting Rosenberg, and soon realizing that they look a lot alike.

Lately, it seems that posing or performing with your pet like Brophy and Rosenberg is the sure-fire way to stardom. A man named @iamMoShow, a rapper, has also started dressing his cats for Instagram, but he also created a cat bath rap, where he gets into the bathtub with his cat, Ravioli, says the Inquisitr. While it seems that @iamMoShow is taking his life in his hands, stripping down and getting naked in the tub with Ravioli, it is actually quite sweet.

Topher Brophy says that with Rosenberg, he styles and is photographed on his Instagram page, @topherbrophy. Some of the outfits and photos are simple, and others are really elaborate. Brophy explains that his relationship with Rosenberg is not just for Instagram, and it’s not just that he saved Rosenberg, but rather, Rosenberg saved him, and now people are watching the Samsung commercials, and asking, who is Topher Brophy? And is Rosenberg really his dog?

Brophy explains that he was rudderless before he adopted Rosenberg, and since Rosenberg came into his life, Brophy is changed for the better.

“Rosenberg came into my life two years ago, when I was going through a difficult time. I wasn’t in touch with my emotions and to mask this, and to relieve tension and stress, I began to overindulge in playing competitive sports. All my time was spent playing squash, dressage, wrestling, rugby, fencing and weight training to make up for the emptiness inside of me. It was so obsessive I herniated a disk, and then was forced to stop everything. With my security blanket gone, and a lot of time on my hands.”

Brophy explains that after his injury, he realized that he had become a narcissist, and his life had no real meaning. He then thought that caring for someone else might be the answer, and so he started the process to adopt Rosenberg. Topher explains that becoming a dad to Rosenberg was the best decision he ever made, and now knows what it’s like to make others happy. And Brophy calls Rosenberg his son, not to be funny, but because it feels that way to him.

“Having a son, I now feel a connection to every living being in the world.”


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And Brophy explains that it’s amazing how much he and Rosenberg have in common. Though Topher Brophy and Rosenberg look a lot alike, their personalities are often similar.

“Our personalities are actually more alike than the way we look. Both of us love to play and are pranksters. We’re also both very affectionate, athletic, detail-oriented, introspective and can be a little moody when we haven’t eaten.”

Brophy says that when he first adopted Rosenberg, he has not noticed that the two looked alike until people pointed it out.

“Right after I adopted him, people kept telling us we looked alike. At first, we dressed in matching outfits as a joke. When we went outside, people made a huge fuss and it clearly brought smiles to their faces.”

From there, the two took things to the next level, trying to construct themes. Brophy then teamed up with photographer Chantal Adair (@thedogstyler) and this attracted more attention than ever. Topher explains that Adair is really the creative director of his Instagram account. Brophy explains that he and Rosenberg are big supporters of diversity, and that is why they explore so many different themes.

Brophy explains that Rosenberg is an “Aussiedoodle” or a combination of an Australian Cattle Dog and a Poodle. Both guys have salt and pepper wild hair, and unkempt beards, as well as hazel eyes, and oddly enough, similar facial expressions. Topher Brophy and Rosenberg coming together was the happiest coincidence of Brophy’s life.

“We look so much alike physically, and do everything together, so dressing the same just feels natural for us.”

Brophy says that he feels like he’s doing a public service, making people smile. The two enjoy going to the park, and they love interacting with babies and children.

“We spend a lot of time interacting with toddlers, many of whom are petting a dog for the first time. He’s great with them. Bringing people joy is a public service for us.”

What do you think of Topher Brophy and Rosenberg? Have you noticed the two on the Samsung commercials, and wondered, who is Topher Brophy?

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]