Queen Elizabeth Poses With Her Corgis On The Cover Of ‘Vanity Fair’

With the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II this month, her photo appeared everywhere, and Vanity Fair featured photos of of Queen ElizabethII and her Corgis and Dorgis on their cover. Queen Elizabeth, along with her sister, Princess Margaret, raised Corgis and then Dorgis (Corgi and Dachshund mixes) for over eight decades, and Queen Elizabeth II still mills about with her herd of Corgyn. Pembroke Welsh Corgis have become the trademark of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to the Inquisitr, the Corgis of Queen Elizabeth II are world famous and have met more world dignitaries than most people. The Corgis have their food served to them on China, and they travel with Queen Elizabeth between her homes.

“They are good travelers, and at the time of my consulting Her Majesty, she personally used to drive the dogs along the highway linking Central London to Windsor Castle in the west, in a beat up old General Motors Estate car.”

Vanity Fair is the magazine that featured Queen Elizabeth and her Corgis on the cover for the June issue, and they have allegedly been the favorite furry companions of Queen Elizabeth since her childhood. The last two surviving Corgis, born to the same line of Corgis that Queen Elizabeth bred with her sister Princess Margaret, are Willow and Holly, born in 2003. In fact, the Corgi, Susan, who was the beginning of the line, went along with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on their honeymoon.

Susan went on to be the “foundation bitch” for 14 generations of Corgis for the royal family. But not all the royals are Corgi fans, as Prince William explained.

“I would definitely argue the sanity of all the corgis barking the whole time. I don’t know how she copes with it.”

But as Corgi enthusiasts know, Queen Elizabeth likely could not cope with it, as she loves her Corgis so much, she has insisted that they be included in official portraits.

And then there are the Dorgis, which are the Corgis bred with Dachshunds belonging to Princess Margaret. Two Dorgis also survive amongst Holly and Willow.

But the Hollywood Reporter explained that though it was nice to have Queen Elizabeth on the cover of Vanity Fair, it’s the Corgis that are the stars. Holly, Willow, Vulcan, and Candy look out from the cover of Vanity Fair as if posing for a school portrait. Annie Leibovitz shot the Queen along with her Corgyn herd for the Vanity Fair shoot, and Corgi lovers went crazy.

Sure, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are cute, but being followed everywhere by your Corgis is a whole new level of special. Leibovitz shot Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle because she was told it was a more relaxed environment.

“I was told how relaxed she was at Windsor, and it was really true. You get the sense of how at peace she was with herself, and very much enthralled with her family.”

US Weekly said that Queen Elizabeth turned 90 this year, which set off huge celebrations in the U.K. In the Queen Elizabeth issue of Vanity Fair, Annie Leibovitz explained that almost all of the shots that she took were the queen’s idea, and she was happiest posing with her Corgis.

“The most moving, important thing about this shoot is that these were all her ideas. She wanted to be photographed with her grandchildren and great grandchildren; her husband… her daughter, Anne, the Princess Royal; and her corgis.”

What do you think of the photos of Queen Elizabeth and her Corgis? Are you a fan?

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