June 29, 2017
Latest iPhone 8 Design Leak Features Wireless Charging, Improved Camera, And Thin Bezels

It's almost the season for the next iPhone launch, and the tech community is on the edge of their seats. New leaks have begun to arise, and there is proof that these leaks could actually be the legitimate design for the upcoming iPhone 8.

According to 9to5Mac, a sketch series has been released online, and they appear to be the "mockup renders and technical measurement" for the new iPhone 8.

The sketch features impressive 4mm bezels on every side. The leaks from iFanr.com and Foxconn seem to have similar sources since both of them claim the same type of bezel. As for the interface, the new iPhone 8 is said to have an in-screen touch ID and an invisible front camera.

Moreover, the iPhone 8 is said to have a "2.5. countered glass," which means there will be a smoother edge for the iPhone 8. Another interesting rumored feature is the new wireless charging.

Although these are impressive innovation for Apple, there are doubts on whether they can pull it off.

Meanwhile, a new leak has been released on Weibo featuring a more technical sketch of the iPhone 8. The schematic design confirms the majority of the rumored features above.

The labels were in Chinese, so 9to5Mac has translated the image caption to English. According to the site, the labels include an antenna gap, a light and proximity sensor, a duo front camera, a second antenna gap, a motherboard, a power button, Qi wireless charging coils, a Taptic Engine, a SIM tray, volume buttons, flash, and a rear dual-camera.

The exterior design is also similar to the ones rumored before. It has a curvier bezel to highlight the screen. At the same time, the antenna placement seemed to be similar to that of the iPhone 4 design.

As for the wireless charging, it appears that the initial claim from KGI is going to be correct.

Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities noted that the iPhone 8 will have its very own wireless charging feature. The Apple Watch already integrates the Qi charging and KGI added that this is the same principle they are applying to the device. Although wireless charging capability is already available for existing android devices, the new iPhone 8 glass casing is said to make the charging even faster.

Although there are reports that Apple will be able to bundle the wireless charging pad to the new iPhone, the promo may be limited to higher memory versions of the iPhone 8.

What will the new design for iPhone 8 be? [Photo by iStock/bombuscreative]
What will the new design for iPhone 8 be? [Image by bombuscreative/iStock]

According to Bloomberg, Apple is preparing the next series of wireless charging devices for Apple. Although they are behind Samsung when it comes to releasing their technology, it is believed that Apple is delaying the release of their own wireless charging feature because they are planning to launch an improved version where iPhones and iPads can be powered "from further away than the charging mats."

It was back in 2010 when Apple filed a patent for creating a concept where the iMac personal computer becomes the hub for wireless recharging of a distance of about one meter. Apple, according to the patent, will use the technology called near-field magnetic resonance. Apple has already used a similar technology, called induction, to charge its Apple Watch for just a couple of millimeters away from the power source.

Apple is reported to release three new smartphones this year, two of which will be the upgraded versions of the iPhone 7/7s. The other feature that they reportedly plan to integrate into these three new devices are the new OLED displays. Some claim that Apple is aiming for the bezel-less feature, but it is still unclear how they can introduce that with the FaceTime camera and the speaker.

So far, there are no pricing set for the new iPhone 8 yet.

[Feature Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]