WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon ‘Fed Up’ With Kevin Owens Being Overweight

Despite everything Kevin Owens has been able to accomplish over the past three years with WWE, it’s being said that Vince McMahon is forcing some major character changes on him because his physique still has not improved as much as he would like. WWE knew when they signed Owens that he wouldn’t have the typical look they like to see from their top guys, but the success he’s had shows there is more than looking the part.

Kevin Owens became the NXT Champion two months to the day after his debut. He only spent six months in NXT before moving to the main roster. He debuted with a huge feud with John Cena and beat him clean in his first match. Since then, Owens has been the Intercontinental Champion, became the WWE Universal Champion, and is currently holding the United States Championship as one of the company’s biggest heels.

In many ways, Owens’ physique makes him stand out from the majority of the roster. It’s also important to note that being “overweight” and his conditioning has not stood in the way of him becoming successful as a WWE Superstar. Despite all of that, it’s being rumored that Vince McMahon is forcing some bizarre changes to Kevin Owens’ character on SmackDown Live as a way to hide his physique from the WWE Universe.

Kevin Owens Physique Has Been Criticized By Vince McMahon
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Since Kevin Owens moved to SmackDown Live during WWE’s “Superstar Shakeup” a few weeks ago, there have been some noticeable changes to his character and more specifically to his look on WWE television. He has been promoting himself as “The New Face of America,” has been wearing suits, and sporting a cleaner look as the United States Champion. Apparently, these changes were made by Vince McMahon himself.

It’s being reported that Vince McMahon is “fed up” with Owens being overweight and not hitting the weight room to improve his physique more than he has over the past few years. It is for that reason that Owens has started wearing suits during his promos and segments going forward. Owens wearing suits may go a bit too far because there is some speculation that Vince also wants him to wear suits during his matches as well.

The logic could be to clean up his character to hide his physique, which is why Owens was also told to shave his beard. WWE officials just want the presentation of Kevin Owens to be different on SmackDown. There’s been a little criticism of Owens’ physique from the WWE Universe, but it’s rarely been anything more than a dig against a heel. However, most of the fans haven’t put too much stock into the way Kevin Owens looks.

Kevin Owens is Still the US Champion
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Kevin Owens has always been a heel on WWE television, but the WWE Universe does support him as a good performer. For instance, he dropped the WWE Universal Championship to Goldberg before WrestleMania, and the WWE Universe defended him against the booking. In fact, many people argue that Owens’ physique makes him unique from the rest of the WWE locker room and gives him an “everyman” kind of appearance.

Most fans don’t feel that Kevin Owens’ physique is something that WWE officials need to hide behind a suit or any other attire. Owens is expected to retain the U.S. Title over Chris Jericho at WWE Payback on Sunday and then move into an interesting feud with AJ Styles. The WWE Universe has been excited for their rivalry because their matches are going to be really good. That’s typically what WWE fans expect from Kevin Owens as a performer. Most people will argue that WWE is trying too hard to turn Owens into something he isn’t.

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