WWE News: Real Reason Why Goldberg Defeated Kevin Owens In 22 Seconds Revealed

At WWE FastLane, Goldberg defeated Kevin Owens in 22 seconds to become the WWE Universal Champion because WWE officials felt it was necessary for a specific reason. The WWE Universe was ready for the title change because it was been rumored for weeks, but there has been a lot of backlash against the booking since the PPV. However, the reason why Goldberg beat Owens so quickly was about Wrestlemania.

On WWE television, Chris Jericho is responsible for Owens losing to Goldberg in 22 seconds. Y2J’s distraction allowed Goldberg to take advantage and win the WWE Universal Title. On Raw, Owens claimed he’s owed a rematch anytime he wants it, but his priority is revenge and taking the United States Title away from him. As expected, Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens will happen at Wrestlemania 33 for the US Title.

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar has been official for a few weeks now, but their final match in Orlando will be for the WWE Universal Championship. Not everyone in the WWE Universe is thrilled with Goldberg vs. Lesnar being for WWE’s top prize, but it will be pivotal to the upcoming Wrestlemania card. In fact, WWE officials booked Goldberg vs. Owens at WWE FastLane to be a squash match to save Goldberg for Wrestlemania 33.

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According to a new report, WWE officials are still being overly cautious about Goldberg’s health, especially with Wrestlemania 33 only a few weeks away. It’s been noticeable that he hasn’t taken many bumps despite being featured in three huge matches over the past six months of WWE television. Goldberg defeated Kevin Owens so quickly because WWE officials aren’t willing to risk Goldberg getting hurt before Wrestlemania.

It’s understandable that WWE would protect Goldberg heading onto the grandest stage of them all. He has become one of the WWE’s most bankable stars over the past few months, and he’s now the WWE Universal Champion. The last thing that WWE needs is for Goldberg to go down with an injury before Wrestlemania in the same way Seth Rollins did a few weeks back. He is too important to their creative plans in Orlando.

The powers that be may or may not be aware that by protecting Goldberg until Wrestlemania, they are also hiding his weaknesses from the WWE Universe. All his in-ring appearances have been short with only a few big moves. Goldberg has not been challenged in the ring since returning to WWE, so the match with Lesnar will most likely be the opportunity for him to put on a longer match, but the pressure will be on to perform.

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WWE may have unintentionally turned the WWE Universe against Goldberg in their attempt to protect him heading into Orlando. The fans were prepared for Goldberg to go over Owens at WWE FastLane, but a lot of the backlash against him becoming the WWE Universal Champion was it might have buried Owens. There are many people who didn’t like the title going from Owens to Goldberg the way it did, which may be a problem.

Goldberg has been universally loved by the fans since returning to WWE, but the Chicago crowd during last night’s edition of Raw has a different reaction. There were noticeable boos, and the crowd favored Lesnar during their segment. Chicago is a very smart city, which is a good comparison to what WWE can expect at Wrestlemania 33. If WWE officials aren’t careful, the crowd could ruin the final Goldberg vs. Lesnar match.

Goldberg’s health has been protected since his return. He has logged in less than ten minutes of in-ring time over the past six months and is still be able to remain one of the company’s most bankable stars. His run has been very successful, but the WWE Universe could still turn on the match if it’s bad or if they feel Goldberg hasn’t earned his place on the Wrestlemania card. WWE officials should be cautious about more than just Goldberg’s health heading into Wrestlemania. There are a lot of factors still in play for Goldberg vs. Lesnar.

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