WWE Rumors: Kevin Owens To Lose Universal Title To Goldberg?

With all of the bustle surrounding wrestling’s upcoming biggest night at Wrestlemania, the latest WWE rumors are swirling about what the biggest names in the ring will be doing prior to the event. Right now, all of the focus is on the Universal title match between Goldberg and Kevin Owens, who will be facing off at Fastlane for the belt. And, it looks like the latest WWE rumors suggest that Kevin Owens will be losing his coveted title to the wrestling legend! But will it pay off for Owens in the end?

That’s the word according to Bleacher Report, whose latest round of WWE rumors suggest this very thing. And while it may be disappointing, in the short term, for Owens to lose the title, it’s a good thing for him in the long run. Simply put; Owens is the future, and Goldberg is the past.

“Goldberg, as over as he is right now, represents the past. And Owens, who has the potential to be the best heel on the roster, is the future. If he must lose to Goldberg at Fastlane, fine. It’s WrestleMania season, after all. The WWE needs to book the biggest match that is best for business, and that means Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar for the universal title. But please, make this Fastlane match have a dirty finish, where Chris Jericho costs Owens the title. Make it a hard-fought match on top of that. Because once Goldberg goes back into retirement, there’s no reason why he should take Owens’ hard-earned reputation with him.”

So, where does that leave Owens, if Goldberg does, in fact, snatch the title?

According to the latest WWE rumors from UPROXX, Owens isn’t as interested in remaining champion as he is in becoming a superstar.

The outlet recently sat down with the wrestler, and he mentioned that he “yearned” to get reactions from the crowd similar to the ones that Roman Reigns and John Cena get. Regardless of his personal opinions of both wrestlers, Owens aspired to have their type of fanbase.

“To me the optimum reaction is when you get a lot of people that like you, a lot of people that hate you, and then they meet in the middle. Like John [Cena] or Roman [Reigns] has these days, that’s the reaction I aspire to get one day because I find that clash is so interesting.”

Yes, folks, we’re living in the Upside Down, and Kevin Owens aspires to be his mortal enemy, Roman Reigns.

Speaking of Kevin Owens’ aspirations, the latest WWE rumors from Wrestling, Inc., suggest that despite Owens’ near-definite loss to Goldberg in a few days, he’s not going to stop trash-talking.

The outlet also sat down with the soon-to-be-dethroned champion, and he made clear that Goldberg is “not ready” for the pain he’s about to bring.

“I’ll answer this as honestly as I can, because that’s always the way I do things, and that answer is ‘No.’ Because, see, ya know, anybody who’s followed Goldberg’s career, or even people who haven’t followed Goldberg’s career and have only been familiar with him for the last two or three months since he’s been back in WWE, guess what? You’ve already seen everything Goldberg can do. You’ve seen a spear, you’ve seen a jackhammer. That’s pretty much where it ends, but I’ve been here for about two years, and yet, I’ve only scratched the surface of what I can do and the people who have followed me, throughout my entire career, before I got to WWE will tell you that’s a fact. So, I don’t think Goldberg is ready for the kind of main event that I’m going to bring to him at Fastlane, absolutely not.”

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