Phaedra Parks And Apollo Nida Divorce Do-Over May Be Messy: Will Prenup Save ‘RHOA’ Star Some Money?

Phaedra Parks thought she was done with Apollo Nida when she revealed during Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta that her divorce was finalized. Soon after, Apollo learned that he was divorced and disputed the filing putting the estranged RHOA couple back at square one. TMZ reported that Phaedra still believes Apollo won’t get any more money from her since they had an iron-clad prenup.

Apollo learned of the divorce through his friends who are still on the show and quickly contested Phaedra’s filing. To the surprise of everyone, a judge sided with Nida and declared the divorce a dud due to several filing mistakes, including Phaedra’s intentional misspelling of Apollo’s last name and the fact that he claimed he was never served paperwork in prison.

At the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 reunion show, Phaedra Parks doubled down on her divorce claims and said that she did finalize the divorce. She also showed paperwork to prove it, but we all know that despite having the final decree in her hand, the judge still decided that her filing wasn’t correct and she still had to fix it. On top of that, Phaedra claimed to have already paid Apollo the $100,000 that she owed him after the divorce was final.

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida both signed a prenup, but the kicker is that it was signed just nine days before the RHOA couple got married. In it, both Phaedra and Apollo waived their right to spousal support in the event that they were to divorce. Apparently, the prenup also dictates that both Phaedra and Apollo would leave the marriage with precisely what they brought into it.

Okay, so here’s where and why Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida’s actual divorce could get pretty messy and Apollo could actually end up with more money than Phaedra wanted to give up. For starters, when Phaedra and Apollo signed the prenup, they agreed to split their assets based on who had what at the time of their marriage. At that point, Phaedra was not an RHOA star yet. She joined the Bravo cast in 2010 and brought Apollo Nida along with her. While Phaedra was the peach holder, Apollo was still featured on the show and Phaedra wouldn’t have had a storyline without him.

In addition, Phaedra Parks could have a tough time enforcing the prenup because of the date that it was signed. It’s always advisable to get the prenup out of the way roughly 60 days ahead of the wedding. Due to the fact that it was signed just nine days before Phaedra and Apollo got married means that it could have been rushed. Apollo could actually claim that he was pressured to sign the paperwork and didn’t really understand what it said. If a judge sides with him on that, it could open Phaedra’s bank accounts up so that Apollo walks away with much more than $100,000.

Georgia, where Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida lived, is an “equitable distribution state.” That means if a judge throws out the prenup, everything that Phaedra and Apollo acquired during their marriage would be divided between them. Property that was brought into the marriage would be given back to the initial owner but anything they acquired together would be divided. Depending on the wording in the prenup, that still may be the case for Phaedra and Apollo.

Phaedra’s recourse, as it relates to this divorce do-over, is to prove that Apollo Nida is broke because of his criminal activities. In that case, a judge might actually overlook the fact that the prenup was signed so quickly and give her what she wants. Of course, the issue with the quickie marriage could have something to do with her giving birth to her son Ayden just seven months after getting married. Those who watched Phaedra’s first seasons on RHOA know that she still insists that she didn’t marry Apollo because she was pregnant.

Do you think that Apollo Nida will be awarded a much bigger divorce settlement after refiling the divorce from Phaedra Parks? Sound off about this Real Housewives of Atlanta divorce drama in the comments section below.

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