‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: A Clue Revealed About Anna — Is She An Impostor, Or Is It Something Else?

Anna Devane is acting very strangely on ABC’s General Hospital these days. Viewers noticed it right away, and a few Port Charles residents are starting to question her demeanor as well. From the way that she dresses to the fact that she is not acting the way Anna usually does, it is all a little suspicious. A big clue has just been exposed that there is something fishy about Anna Devane. She may not actually be the WBS agent everyone has come to know and love.

On Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Griffin Munro stopped by for a visit with Anna. According to SheKnows Soaps, he was not happy with her and let her know exactly how he felt about her missing an appointment. She was supposed to have a phlebotomy done, but she never made it there. Griffin was concerned that she had missed it.

By the look on her face, Anna had no idea what he was talking about. That is a huge hint that something big is up with her. Considering that she had just recently been diagnosed with blood cancer and is getting treatments for it, there is no way that she should have been confused about that.

Of course, Griffin didn’t really pick up on her confusion at first, as she quickly regrouped and came up with a lie that she went to another facility to have the procedure done. Her excuse was that she wanted more privacy instead of having it done at General Hospital, where everyone hovers over her. This mysterious change in Anna Devane is becoming more curious as time goes on.

There is also her relentless obsession with Valentin Cassadine that is getting out of hand. She has been spying on him through the watch that she gave him as a peace offering. Anna spends her days listening in on Valentin’s conversations, and he has no idea it is happening. In fact, he doesn’t seem to have a clue that this lady is playing him.

Valentin doesn’t have many weaknesses, but Anna Devane seems to make him quite weak when she is practically falling all over him. Will he eventually get a clue before she ends up destroying him? It is not yet known exactly what Anna’s plan is for Valentin, but she certainly knows just how to do it.

By now, General Hospital fans suspect that this is not the real Anna. The rumor going around is that this woman is really her twin, Alex Devane, and she is out to get Valentin. Of course, there could be other theories as well. Could Anna have been programmed while she was out of town? Maybe Helena Cassadine is really alive and working with Faison. After all, Helena is the master of mind control. There is always the possibility that this is someone who is wearing a mask to look like Anna. Although, that has been done before. However, it is more likely that Anna’s sis has decided to take her place for some reason.

Griffin Munro is definitely concerned about Anna. On Wednesday’s General Hospital, he went to Andre Maddox to let him know that she is getting her blood treatments at another hospital. They both admitted that this was highly unusual for Anna since she has so many ties with GH.

Nina is also getting suspicious, as TV Source Magazine states. She wants to know what is going on with her husband. She knows that Valentin is drawn to Anna and that they have a past together, and she is now desperate enough to make Nelle her spy. Will Nina be the one who figures out that Anna may not be Anna after all?

General Hospital viewers are pretty sure that this person is really Alex Devane pretending to be her twin sister. That means that the real Anna is stashed somewhere. Is she getting her blood cancer treatments? Who could be holding her hostage? Or is this really Anna Devane with a whole new personality?

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