Kylie Jenner Dating Travis Scott To Get Back At Tyga For Supposed New Girl? Tyga Reportedly Feeling Threatened

Lawrence Arboleda

Tyga is reportedly feeling worried that he might lose Kylie Jenner for good now that her romance with Travis Scott is getting into more serious territory. The "Ayo" hitmaker, however, won't sit idly by and allow that to happen, according to Hollywood Life.

A source claims that Tyga is planning to make some moves to win Kylie Jenner back from Travis Scott. With Scott posing as a serious threat to their complicated relationship, it looks like Tyga has finally learned that he can't ever allow himself to take Jenner for granted lest he loses her permanently.

And it's just as well, since Kylie Jenner and her new boyfriend, Travis Scott, have been seeing each other more frequently than usual. They were previously spotted indulging in some PDA at Coachella. Since then, they've been photographed watching an NBA game in Houston.

"Tyga's rethinking this little break they're on and is making moves to sweet talk Kylie and get back into her good graces. The last thing he needs is for Kris [Jenner] or Kylie's sisters to get in her ear, telling her to keep Travis and dump Tyga," a source tells Hollywood Life.

Whatever Tyga's been planning to win Jenner back, there's the possibility that it might be too late for him. As reported by TMZ, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have become closer following their flirtations at Coachella. To top it off, the two were seen holding hands on numerous occasions while watching a Houston Rockets game on Tuesday night.

"Travis is winning at life! He's on a successful tour, he's killing the rap game and every time he turns around he's being offered a new opportunity of sorts," the source adds. "It's been a while since Tyga's seen that type of action and the more he thinks of it, the more Travis sounds like the perfect dude for Kylie."

Meanwhile, the rapper has recently been spotted hanging out with a new girl not named Kylie Jenner. In photos published by TMZ, Tyga and Jordan Ozuna were seen sitting close to each other at Serafina Sunset in West Hollywood. The two were also photographed hugging each other goodbye as they left the restaurant. Before long, rumors that Tyga and Ozuna are dating emerged on the web.

Jordan, however, debunked the rumors as soon as the photos emerged.

Meanwhile, many fans have been wondering since mid-March what exactly is going on between Tyga and Kylie Jenner, as soon as they noticed that the rapper was missing in her social media accounts. The last time he was featured in her Snapchat account was on March 8. Also, the last time they were seen in public together was at a family dinner on March 13.

In light of this, it bears noting that Tyga recently moved into a new home in the Hollywood Hills where he was reportedly seen "partying and having people over every night." The insider noted that Kylie was nowhere to be found. Fans didn't think much of it until Tyga was spotted partying on two consecutive nights at two separate clubs in Los Angeles. Jenner was nowhere to be seen in both occasions as well.

Do you think Tyga and Kylie Jenner will reconcile at some point in the future? Or has Kylie moved on to Travis Scott for good? Share your thoughts below.

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