April 26, 2017
Former Bond Girl And Sister To Natalie Wood, Lana Wood Reveals That She Is Homeless And Living In A Motel

Lana Wood may be remembered as sexy Bond girl Plenty O'Toole in Diamonds Are Forever, but now the former actress is homeless. According to Inside Edition, the 71-year-old actress and her sister, Natalie Wood, were once considered Hollywood royalty. Today, she struggles to make ends meet.

Wood now lives in a motel room outside Los Angeles with her daughter, son-in-law, three grandchildren, and two dogs.

"It has been very difficult for the kids. They feel like they have no privacy," Wood told Inside Edition.

"My grandchildren are hysterical."

She isn't able to cook meals in her motel room, so most of the food they eat is fast food. Lana no longer wears expensive gowns either. Now, the former movie star shops at Goodwill for clothing.

When people as Lana what happened to her money, she replies, "Real life happened."

In March, Radar Online posted that Wood posted a frantic post on social media stating that she was evicted from the home she's lived in for seven years after she couldn't afford rent anymore.

"I got ten days to move, don't have moving money, don't know if there's anything available, have no one to take in a family of six," Lana posted.

Wood went on to say that her daughter's COPD has gotten worse from the stress and her cancer had returned.

Lana's financial difficulties became unmanageable due to her daughter's medical bills. Evan, Wood's only child, has Hodgkin's lymphoma, and the radiation treatments have damaged her lungs. She needs oxygen to breath, and they recently learned that her cancer has returned.

"You live in a snow globe, and the world is upside down, emotional," Wood said. "It's like the rugs have been pulled out from under you. And it's just difficult to cope with."

"I don't know how much more we can take."

The most chilling part of the revelation about Wood's financial crisis was when she revealed that she has to remain calm and not have thoughts of killing herself to escape the desperation.

"I have to somehow remain calm, and not kill myself."

Lana's life was much different six years ago. She lived in a two-story house in California. Her biggest worry was getting Robert Wagner to confess to having a role in her sister's mysterious death in 1981.

The police said that Wagner was not a suspect, and he has always denied having any role in her death. Wood's candid comments about Robert has put a wedge between her and Natalie Wood's children, so she has no one to turn to in this time of need.

Lana said that if her sister could see her now and see that her husband "refuses" to help, she would be ashamed. She went on to say that Natalie would be devastated and would "try to fix" her financial problems.

Last year, Lana confronted Wagner about her sister's death in a tense encounter, in which she yelled at him that she wouldn't rest until Natalie gets justice.

"I won't rest until she gets justice," Wood yelled at Wagner.

One of Lana's friends set up a GoFundMe page that has raised almost $7,000 for her. Wood hopes that the fundraiser will help her pay some of her daughter's medical bills and help her family buy a house.

Lana Wood has had a difficult life and has struggled to accept that her sister's death was an accidental. The police have stated many times that Wagner is not a suspect in Natalie's death. She convinced herself that Natalie Wood's husband, Robert Wagner, killed her.

Lana's fans hope that she finds peace and gets a lucky break to help support herself, her daughter, and grandchildren.

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