April 27, 2017
'Freaks In Moscow' Shot Down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, Killing 298, Russian Ex-Spy Reportedly Confessed

A former Russian intelligence officer has confessed that individuals in Moscow, presumably in the Russian government, were responsible for the horrifying shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 that killed 298 people, including one American, according to the leading independent newspaper in Russia.

The Novaya Gazeta newspaper and website, which reported the new Flight MH17 revelations on Tuesday, is considered the top opposition media outlet in Russia — and has seen four of its reporters murdered after publishing critical stories about Russia's government.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, a Boeing 777-200 jetliner carrying 298 passengers and crew — including 19-year-old United States citizen Quinn Lucas Schansman — was shot down on July 17, 2014, over eastern Ukraine, a region controlled by pro-Russian separatists that has seen some of the most brutal fighting in the Ukraine war, which erupted in March of 2014.

Because the flight took off from Amsterdam, Holland, bound for Kuala Lumpur — 196 of the plane's passengers were citizens of the Netherlands — Dutch authorities were charged with investigating the disaster. The Dutch team announced its findings late last year, declaring that the plane was destroyed by a Russian "Buk" anti-aircraft missile that had been transported across the Russian border into Ukraine.

Earlier this year, independent Russian media, as well as the open-source, online investigative group Bellingcat, identified former Russian military and intelligence Colonel Sergey Dubinsky, 54, as the officer seemingly in charge of the operation to bring the missile into the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine.

According to information uncovered by Novaya Gazeta and published on April 25, Dubinsky was on the payroll of the Russian Ministry of Defense at the time of the Malaysia Airlines shootdown, and his payments continued until mid-2015 — totaling about $5,200, or 300,000 Russian rubles, in that year.

But even more importantly, Dubinsky was apparently acting under orders from top Russian authorities in the Flight MH17 operation. In a lengthy interview published Tuesday by Novaya Gazeta, a Russian and Soviet military veteran and onetime friend of Dubinsky said that the Russian intelligence officer told him that "the freaks in Moscow" — or in an alternative translation, "the bastards in Moscow" — were behind the Malaysia Airlines shootdown.

Read the entire Novaya Gazeta report, including an English translation of the paper's lengthy interview with former Dubinsky friend Serhiy Tiunov, by visiting this link. Watch Tiunov give his interview to the paper in the original Russian language, in the video below.

In the interview, Tiunov who later came to fight on the Ukraine side in the conflict with Russia, said that in September of 2014, he and Dubinsky got into an argument over Tiunov's support for Ukraine, an argument which led to the following revealing exchange.

"I could not restrain myself and said that it was them who knocked down the passenger plane in a gangster way!," Tiunov recounted. "I saw by his face that it touched him, and he took it very personally. 'You don't think that I did this [myself], do you?' said he. And then he pointed upward: 'The bastards from Moscow did it!'"

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According to Novaya Gazeta, Dubinsky also fought for Russia in the Second Chechnya War, which lasted from 1999 to 2006, describing himself as a "sabotage specialist."

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