'Big Brother 18' James Huling Talks Breakup With 'That' Person, Says Things Got Really Ugly

Big Brother 18 houseguest James Huling has been silent about his break up with Natalie Negrotti over the past few months. He can no longer stay quiet about the rumors on social media and decided to come clean about what allegedly led to their nasty split.

A few weeks ago, a Tumblr blog alleged that Natalie cheated on James and forced him to pretend they were a couple for months after they broke up. Of course, Natalie said these claims were untrue. The Big Brother community was divided on how they felt about the allegations. James had refused to comment about their breakup, until today.

According to James' Periscope, the Big Brother 18 couple broke up "a very long time ago." Huling had promised her he would protect her against the BB18 fans, but, after he received a letter from her attorney ordering him to "cease and desist," he refuses to be silent anymore.

Huling claims that "this person" probably cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend, who works for the Knicks. He also stated that things with them were shaky from the very beginning. He remembers when they got out of the Big Brother house how she would "make up excuses" not to spend time with him.

The most shocking part of James' allegations was that Negrotti said he stole pictures off her phone and released them to social media. Now, this seems very unlikely. Huling doesn't look like the type that would go out of his way to hurt anyone. Even so, Natalie supposedly accused him of creating troll accounts, just to harass her online.

James made it completely clear in his Periscope video that he never created any troll account and never harassed or cyberbullied Negrotti. He added that he doesn't have time to troll her on Twitter because he is busy fishing and camping with his friends.

What sent the Big Brother 18 star over the edge was the letter from an attorney that accused him bullying her and using her "indecent pictures" to defame her character.

James went on and on in the video that he wouldn't go out of his way to make her life miserable. In fact, he says he did the complete opposite. According to Huling, he protected her by not revealing that they broke up "way before Christmas." He said the last thing he wanted was for the Big Brother fans to hate her. He never addressed the GoFundMe scandal in his 30-minute video.

Huling gave Natalie a piece of good advice, actually. He said that she is a public figure and sometimes when you are well known, people will say things about you that may or may not be true. And, as a "public person" you have to learn to ignore. However, at the same time, he can't help feel hurt and offended that she would send him a cease and desist letter accusing him of cyberbullying her.

"I just don't understand this. I never cyberbullied her. I never said anything about our breakup. In fact, I tried to protect her," James said.

James Huling ended his chat by saying that this has spiraled out of control and things have gotten "really ugly" between them. Will they ever patch thing up and become friends again? James says that the Big Brother fans shouldn't count on it.

Natalie claims the allegations against her are not true. The Inquisitr has been in contact with Ms. Negrotti's representative, and they said everything stated in the Tumblr blog was untrue. At this point, it is he said/she said, and no one knows for sure who's telling the truth!

Big Brother 18 fans, do you believe James Huling's account of what led to his breakup with Natalie Negrotti?

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