‘Dirty Dancing’ Remake Trailer Released

The TV remake for Dirty Dancing will premiere on ABC on May 24, 2017 and the first trailer has been released.

Abigail Breslin will be playing Baby, the character that Jennifer Gray made famous in the original Dirty Dancing movie. Before doing the remake for Dirty Dancing, Breslin was most recently in a TV series called Scream Queens but the role she is likely most known for is the precocious pre-adolescent in the movie Little Miss Sunshine. She also appeared in movies like Zombieland and My Sister’s Keeper, so Breslin has been keeping busy. Is she up for the challenge of playing the iconic role of Baby Houseman in the Dirty Dancing remake though?


Colt Prattes will appear in the remake of the Dirty Dancing ABC movie as the irresistible Johnny Castle, the dance teacher that steals Baby’s heart away. Prattes is pretty daring to take on this role as one of his first major acting gigs because it was previously played by Patrick Swayze in the original Dirty Dancing movie. Will Prattes be able to fill those tight fitting jeans that Swayze wore in Dirty Dancing to make women across the world swoon? Prattes’ last acting gig was a web series called Wiener & Wiener about a hot dog and his human roommate living in New York. He was also in the music video for “Try” by Pink so he is not a strange to the dancing world.

Colt Prattes will star as Johnny Castle in the ABC Dirty Dancing remake [Image by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Cadillac]

As Us Magazine says, quoting Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” Let’s hope that they are right and this TV remake of Dirty Dancing doesn’t make viewers wish that Baby was still in the corner!

The video for the Dirty Dancing remake is only 30 seconds long but viewers will recognize some of the most famous scenes from the original movie. The trailer for the remake of Dirty Dancing includes the scene where he first meets Baby and she introduces herself. Viewers will also get a quick look at the scene where Johnny Castle crawls seductively across the floor towards Baby and various dancing scenes.

Fans of the original Dirty Dancing movie are not thrilled that this remake has been made at all. Many of them are especially not happy with the choices for actors to play Baby and Castle. While there are some who admit that the movie could be good if you don’t compare it to the original Dirty Dancing, the general opinion is that they should have learned something from Havana Nights, a kind of reboot of Dirty Dancing that did not get very good ratings from critics or general viewers.

The Dirty Dancing remake has some other big names that you’ll recognize though. Sarah Hyland from Modern Family will play the older sister, Lisa Houseman. Debra Messing of Will & Grace fame plays Baby’s mother, Marjorie Houseman. The father, Dr. Jake Houseman, is played by Bruce Greenwood. Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussy Cat Dolls is going to be playing Penny, Johnny’s dance partner in Dirty Dancing remake. Katey Sagal plays the older woman that seduces Johnny.

If you have seen the original version of Dirty Dancing (which many have watched over and over again), it will be very difficult not to compare the Dirty Dancing remake to that. The characters, the dance scenes, the passion between Baby and Johnny, are going to be hard to replicate. Perhaps the younger generation will be more open minded than the generations that have come to love the original cast members of Dirty Dancing.

What do you think? Will you be watching the three hour Dirty Dancing remake on May 24, 2017, on ABC?

[Featured Image by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images]

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