Take The Poll: Bernie Sanders — Good Or Bad For Democrats? Does Sanders Help Or Hurt Anti-Trump Resistance?

Bernie Sanders, the independent Vermont Senator who finished as the runner-up to Hillary Clinton in last year’s Democratic presidential primaries, has made a seemingly endless series of public appearances since the November election put Donald Trump in the White House, including a book tour in November and the recently completed “Come Together and Fight Back” tour with Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez.

With Clinton maintaining a relatively low profile and only one official public appearance by President Barack Obama since he left office on January 20, the Sanders publicity tour has thrust the 75-year-old, 26-year Washington veteran, to the forefront of Democratic Party politics. According to one recent, well-publicized poll, Sanders was even named “the most popular politician in the country.”

While Sanders may be, according to a recent Harvard/Harris poll, highly popular, he also clearly remains highly controversial among Democrats. What’s your view of Bernie Sanders? Is he a figure who can unify the Democratic Party? Alternatively, with his incessant criticism of the Party, is the former mayor of Burlington, Vermont, a divisive force who could actually weaken the party as it attempts to defeat Donald Trump and the Republicans in the 2018 midterms and 2020 presidential election.

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