Father In Thailand Reportedly Kills Infant Daughter, Self During Facebook Live Stream

A vengeful Thailand man reportedly killed his own infant daughter during a Facebook live stream before shutting off his device and doing the same to himself.

TheNew York Daily News alleges that the bodies of Wuttisan, 21, and 11-month-old Natalee Wongtalay were discovered hanging off the side of a partially-built, abandoned hotel near Phucket, the capital of the Asian providence, late Monday night after Natalee's mother, Jiranuch Triratana, first informed police that the father-and-child duo were missing.

According to Ms. Jiranuch, Wuttisan ran off with their daughter from their shared home on Sunday after a previous argument regarding their faltering marriage, which the wife was supposedly looking to end.

"Family members said Wongtalay was angry that his wife was going to leave him," the Daily News details, "[with] his uncle [telling the] Phuket Gazette that before taking the baby, Wuttissan had allegedly choked his wife and threatened to kill her [over her plans]."

TheNew York Times further explains that an earlier search through his wife's phone may have led Wongtalay to believe that Jiranuch was being unfaithful to him.

"[Thailand] police said [the man] appeared to have been driven by jealousy," the publication adds of the dastardly Facebook live act, "and [accused Jiranuch] of having another relationship [with someone else]."

After taking his daughter to the partially-constructed Peninsula Hotel in Tambon Sakhu, Wongtalay purportedly signed onto Facebook and began live streaming himself attaching a noose around Natalee's neck, before tossing her over the side of structure and leaving her to die.

"After a burst of crying," the Times describes of the video, which has since been deleted, "[Wongtalay is witnessed climbing] over the side to retrieve her body," before him turning his phone off and, as claimed in several other reports, hanging himself alongside Natalee's body.

Thailand law officials say the capture of the Facebook live stream was housed on the site for more than 20 hours and eventually, made its way to the eyes of the now-widowed and effectively childless Ms. Jiranuch, who confirmed the identities of both her husband and Natalee in the gruesome video.

Police were ultimately able to pick out the exact location of the bodies after previously searching through other abandoned structures in the area, and recovered them from the ceiling of a third-floor "room" at the Peninsula.

"This is an appalling incident, and our hearts go out to the family of the victim," a Singapore-based Facebook spokesman relayed to Reuters about the shocking murder-suicide.

"There is absolutely no place for content of this kind on Facebook and it has now been removed."
A second video showing police removing the bodies from the scene was also taken down by the site, but it has not been wholly eradicated from the internet.

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Murderer Steve Stephens reportedly filmed himself killing Cleveland resident Robert Godwin, 70, and posted the video to Facebook afterward. [Image by Cleveland Police Dept.]

Since its inception in April 2016, the Facebook Live real-time capture feature has been engaged several times to stream acts of violence and death to Facebook users all around the world, including the shooting death of Cleveland resident Robert Godwin, 74, by Steve Stephens on Easter Sunday, as the Inquisitr noted earlier this month (other outlets, including The Verge, ultimately discovered that Stephens uploaded the video sometime after the murder, and didn't do so live, as previously mentioned).

Just as they did with the Thailand incident, spokespersons for Facebook promised that they would work on a solution to ensure that situations like the Stephens' matter, would never happen again.

"We work hard to keep a safe environment on Facebook," a rep specified to Buzzfeed, "and are in touch with law enforcement in emergencies when there are direct threats to physical safety."

Thailand news outlets were also said to have been airing the Facebook live footage of Wangtalay's murder-suicide uncensored until an edict from the country's News Broadcasting Council early Tuesday put a full stop to it.

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