WWE Rumors: Did WWE Hire Impact Wrestling Star To Feud With Jeff Hardy And Broken Matt?

When Matt and Jeff Hardy made their huge return to the WWE, many of their longtime fans wondered if the Broken Matt Hardy saga would come with them. Sadly, legal problems with Impact Wrestling has prevented the Hardy Boyz from using the popular gimmick, but rumors indicate that the WWE is possibly working on a deal to allow them to use the gimmick.

Another clue that they might be ready to pull the trigger came when Forbes reported that Crazzy Steve was headed to the WWE. For fans who don't watch Impact Wrestling, Crazzy Steve was part of a group called Decay and was one of the main rivals feuding with Matt and Jeff Hardy in the Broken Matt gimmick.

The Broken Matt gimmick saw Matt Hardy have what appeared to be a nervous breakdown. He started talking in a British accent, had a drone called Vanguard 1, a gardener named Senior Benjamin, and brought his wife Reby Sky and toddler son along for the ride. He started out feuding with his own brother Jeff Hardy and eventually won the rights to the Hardy name at Final Deletion.

Final Deletion took place at the home of Matt Hardy and saw Broken Matt beat Jeff Hardy in the match. He then stripped his little brother of his name and renamed him, Brother Nero. At this point, Jeff Hardy became almost zombie-like, and Broken Matt did everything he could to stop Jeff Hardy from his high-flying ways.

WWE Rumors: Did WWE Hire Impact Wrestling Star To Feud With Jeff Hardy And Broken Matt?
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It worked, and soon Matt and Jeff Hardy were on the same page and won the TNA Impact Wrestling tag team titles. The fans bought into it as well, chanting "Delete" when the brothers were in the ring and loving it when Matt Hardy began yelling "Obsolete." The Final Deletion episode of Impact Wrestling brought in the most viewers for the show since its move to Pop TV.

The biggest feud for Matt and Jeff Hardy after reforming their tag team was against Decay. This was a three-person group that included Crazzy Steve, longtime Impact Wrestling star Abyss, and a female wrestler named Rosemary. Decay had already gained their own fan following since debuting as a Marilyn Manson-styled freak show in Impact Wrestling.

WWE Rumors: Did WWE Hire Impact Wrestling Star To Feud With Jeff Hardy And Broken Matt?
[Image by Impact Wrestling]

Crazzy Steve turned out to be a very good wrestler and morphed into his character perfectly. Originally, Crazzy Steve was an evil clown on the indie scene but became more of a Joker-inspired clown in Decay and was a great match for the strange, eccentric Broken Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Matt and Jeff Hardy fought Decay at Delete or Decay, The Great War, and Total Nonstop Deletion. All three took place at the home of Matt Hardy, and it was Matt and Jeff who ended up winning the feud. However, after that happened, Anthem Sports bought impact Wrestling, and the Hardy's left due to contract negotiations falling through.

Decay then "saved" the tag team titles from Matt and Jeff Hardy after they left and brought them back to Impact Wrestling. At the last Impact Wrestling TV tapings, it looked like Decay was starting a feud with the returning LAX, as LAX won the tag team titles. While the most recent TV tapings looked like Decay was continuing the feud, things took a turn when Crazzy Steve announced after the first night of tapings that he was leaving Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling covered for this by having LAX hold a funeral to announce the death of Decay. Abyss returned to his gimmick of Joseph Park, Attorney at Law, and Rosemary continued to work as a singles female wrestler. Then, it was announced that Crazzy Steve was following Matt and Jeff Hardy into the WWE.

Earlier rumors indicated that Matt and Jeff Hardy were probably going to get the right to use the Broken Matt gimmick again in the WWE, and their rumored first feud after this was possibly against none other than Bray Wyatt. If Crazzy Steve is a new member of the Wyatt Family, it will allow Matt and Jeff Hardy to revive the popular gimmick on the biggest stage of them all in the WWE.

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