Donald Trump Impeachment Rally In Georgia On Eve Of Donald Trump’s 100th Day In Office

For every political cause in this generation, there is a rally or a march. This past weekend, protesters of the resistance to the Donald Trump administration marched and rallied for climate change. The Telegraph reports that this coming weekend will mark Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, and a Georgia group called “Georgians for the Impeachment of Donald Trump” have scheduled an Impeach Trump Rally this Friday in Valdosta, Georgia.

The group has a Facebook group called “Georgians for the Impeachment of Donald Trump.” The Impeach Trump Rally will be held on Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time at the Lowndes County Courthouse. On the Facebook page, the group cites a few reasons why they think a Donald Trump impeachment should occur, including his “general disdain for the truth.”

“The purpose of this peaceful non-partisan rally is to publicize Trump’s administrative, domestic, and foreign policy failures, wasteful government spending, bigotry toward marginalized social groups, business profits resulting from his presidency, questionable ties to Russian leaders, reckless military aggression, broken campaign promises, and general disdain for the truth.”

Donald Trump Impeachment Rally

The rally comes on the heels of a weekend of rallies against the Trump Administration for Earth Day marches. Donald Trump has long made his position on climate change very clear, and last weekend, the resistance to the Trump Administration was marching for facts that Trump has long denied. While a Donald Trump impeachment was not specifically called for in Earth Day marches, the underlying sentiment was there.

The Georgians for the Impeachment of Donald Trump have a small Facebook group going, with approximately 43 members at the time of press. They are planning a peaceful protest and are symbolically holding it on the eve of Donald Trump’s 100 days in office.

Opponents to a Donald Trump impeachment have long wondered what reasons anyone would have to impeach the current president. Additionally, opponents to a Donald Trump impeachment suggest that because the Congress and the Senate have a Republican majority, it will be impossible to impeach Donald Trump.

But proponents of the Donald Trump impeachment do not only include Democrats. Scott Dworkin, the author of the Dworkin Report chronicling Trump’s ties to Russia, co-founder of the Democratic Coalition, and an alum of both of President Obama’s inaugurations, tweeted this week that rumblings in the GOP camp regarding a Donald Trump impeachment have already started.

Scott Dworkin tweeted that he had just been told that a GOP member of Congress may move to impeach Trump, but he also cautioned readers to “take it with a grain of salt.” The claim reportedly came from a GOP staffer on Capitol Hill who expressed concerns that his boss could lose his seat because of Trump’s tweets.

That information would coincide with results from a USA Today poll in early March found that many Americans, including Trump supporters, do not like the president’s tweets. That poll found that Trump’s tweets and temperament are tripping him up.

One 74-year-old retiree who described himself as a strong supporter of Donald Trump said, “I think he’s doing the best he can but he better quit that tweeting.”

Another Trump supporter described the tweeting as “so high school.” Already today, Trump was slamming Canada on Twitter, and it seems that he does add daily fuel to the Twitter fire.

Congress members who support this Twitter temperament could find themselves facing angry constituents may be forced to do something about it come mid-terms. Whether that means a Donald Trump impeachment remains to be seen. However, we do know that some are reportedly starting to lean that way if the need arises.

Donald Trump Impeachment Rallies

The 2018 elections are looming, and every seat in Congress will be up for grabs. Congress members who are seeking re-election will want to find that balance between meeting the needs of their constituents calling for country over party, while also toeing the party line. The Independent reported that historian Allan Lichtman has predicted there is a 50 percent chance that a Donald Trump impeachment will occur before mid-term elections in 2018.

Lichtman also predicted that Trump would win the Oval Office. He says that the fate of Trump will depend on the upcoming investigations into the allegations of a Trump Russia collusion during the elections campaign.

“I’ve said there is a Russian sword of Damocles hanging over him. Everything depends on the FBI or congressional investigations which could unravel his administration.”

Donald Trump has already lost a national security adviser over the Trump Russia allegations when Michael Flynn was forced to resign over lying about conversations had with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak. His attorney general, Jeff Sessions, has had to recuse himself from the Trump Russia investigation for the same reason and has faced calls for resignation by the Democrats.

Donald Trump Impeachment Mike Pence

Additionally, many members of the Trump transition team mysteriously lost their jobs over the summer when talks of Trump Russia collusion first started. Those members were Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone Jr. All of those members are reportedly the subject of an FBI investigation into Trump Russia collusion allegations.

Then, this spring, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Republican Devin Nunes had mysteriously recused himself from the Trump Russia investigation. Republican Jason Chaffetz, ranking member of the elite House Oversight Committee, is also reportedly considering an early retirement from Congress for mysterious or unknown reasons, although he has cited a desire to spend more time with his family.

Historian Mr. Lichtman says that overall Americans, and especially Republicans, like Mike Pence more than they like Donald Trump, and that could help with a Donald Trump impeachment. However, Mike Pence was the head of the transition team that has had many allegations of Trump-Russia collusion against it.

Here is one notable American who does not believe that Mike Pence will become the next president in the event of a Donald Trump impeachment.

Additionally, as the Inquisitr reported, Mike Pence provided demonstrably false statements about Michael Flynn accepting money from Turkey, and many Americans do have a problem with this. The Senate Intelligence Committee is preparing to begin the next round of hearings on the Trump Russia investigation.

Sally Yates and CIA Director James Clapper are expected to testify within the next two weeks. Sally Yates, who was fired by Donald Trump regarding her concerns over Michael Flynn, is expected to testify May 8 before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

In the meantime, Georgia is getting ready for their Donald Trump Impeachment rally which will be held this Friday, on the eve of Donald Trump’s 100 days in office.

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