Animal Adventure Park's Plans For Continuing Footage Of April The Giraffe To Resume

Animal Adventure Park plans to continue live streaming of April the giraffe, her calf, and Oliver. The news has answered the calls of millions experiencing "withdrawals" from viewing April and her new baby. The giraffe live cam remained on seven days after April gave birth so people could see her bonding with her new calf. He hasn't been named yet, but a voting contest is currently being held to pick the perfect one for him.

On Friday, Animal Adventure Park shut down the live cam after bidding fans farewell. Jordan Patch had some comforting words when he said the live streaming isn't over for giraffes. By opening day in May, there's more to come that April fans can sink their teeth into.

Jordan took to Facebook on Sunday to brief followers about the live streaming set to return.

"The Giraffe Cam is not gone forever! This week we will announce viewing day/times for you to check in and watch progress! This schedule will continue until noted differently.

"A permanent yard cam will go up this season which will also reconnect you to your favorite giraffe family."

Viewing days and times are yet to be revealed, but will be shared with April the giraffe's millions of followers within the next two days. This is a relief to those who've follow April and her family.

Patch told CBS Denver in a live Facebook interview on Monday that the park "will have the giraffe cam on certain days at certain times."

When will the giraffe calf be named? After round 2 of voting, Jordan shares that the name will be revealed on or around May 1.

Animal Adventure Park's live giraffe cam went up on February 10, attracting a tidal wave of admirers from around the world for April. As they witnessed her final stages of pregnancy, they felt a connection with her and she was soon a celebrity in her own right. Patch had no idea the live cam would draw so much attention, which has helped the park highlight giraffe conservation and educating the public on these large animals.

How often will the new giraffe yard cam be streaming? Details behind that are unknown, but it won't be continuous live coverage like there was in April's stall; that footage streamed 24/7. People were enthralled with watching April during her pregnancy, and it didn't matter if she was just eating, laying down, or walking in circles. No one wanted to miss the big event when it would finally unfold. At any given time, there almost 200,000 viewers. Over one million people were watching when she was giving birth.

Even if the yard cam won't be running on a full-time basis, it goes without saying that any video of April and the others is better than nothing at all.

Additionally, Animal Adventure Park will have other cameras mounted throughout the park to allow viewers to see other animals at the park. They have 80 species of different animals that visitors can see and sometimes interact with. April's journey has put the park in a unique position to inform the masses about animals. With their growing social media following as well as holding the second highest record on YouTube at well over 12,600,000 views, they have a huge platform and intend to make good use of it. By bringing back April the giraffe and introducing other animal residents, their mission takes on a whole new level.

Are you looking forward to seeing April the giraffe and her calf back on the live cam?

[Featured Image by Mark Koble/Getty Images]