Aaron Hernandez Gay Rumors Not True, Suicide Letter To Gay Prison Lover A Lie, Says Attorney Jose Baez

Aaron Hernandez's suicide came as a complete shock to those who have been following the fallen New England Patriot star's legal battles but rumors that he was secretly gay or bisexual take things to a whole other level. Jose Baez, Hernandez's attorney, is warning fans not to believe a lot of the new reports about his deceased client, claiming that the Aaron Hernandez gay rumors and reports that he left a suicide note behind for his gay prison lover are lies.

There were reportedly three suicide letters left behind by Aaron Hernandez and according to TMZ, Aaron's attorney Jose Baez says none of them were addressed to a gay prison lover.

"Rumors of letters to a gay lover, in or out of prison, are false. These are malicious leaks used to tarnish somebody who is dead."
As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jose Baez was quick to speak out upon learning about the death of Aaron Hernandez. The disgraced New England Patriots star reportedly committed suicide just five days after a jury acquitted him for the double murders of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado. Baez did not believe that Hernandez would take his own life. To back that up, Hernandez's longtime sports agent Brian Murphy also didn't believe that his longtime friend and client would end his own life.

News of Aaron Hernandez's suicide seemed unreal and many questioned the report. After it was reported that Aaron Hernandez not only took his own life but also left three suicide notes, reports that the former NFL star may have been covering up his own bisexuality started making rounds.

It was reported that one of those three Aaron Hernandez suicide notes may have been addressed to his gay prison lover. The man who reportedly carried on a relationship with Hernandez during his time in prison is named Kyle Kennedy. So far, Kennedy has not corroborated claims that he and Aaron Hernandez had any sort of sexual relationship. He is allegedly on suicide watch and has been since Hernandez's suicide was reported.

Jose Baez is adamant that Aaron Hernandez did not leave a letter to his gay prison lover. The other two letters were reportedly left for his fiance Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez as well as his 4-year old daughter Avielle. Initially, the third letter was reportedly written to the general public and then later it was said that the note was written to a man who Hernandez had been having sex with behind bars.

The Aaron Hernandez gay rumors even went so far as to claim that the former Patriots tight end had been dabbling in bisexuality before he went to prison. It was suggested that Hernandez may have murdered his friend, Odin Lloyd, because the semi-pro football star teased Hernandez relentlessly about being gay and may have even threatened to out him. After all, Odin Lloyd's murdered happened just months after Hernandez was awarded a seven-year contract worth nearly $40 million dollars.

While many wondered why Aaron Hernandez would throw his life away after he was convicted of the murder of Odin Lloyd, the new theory that Aaron Hernandez may have been protecting his secret sexual identity has been gaining popularity.

Despite all of the evidence given that Aaron Hernandez committed suicide, Jose Baez still isn't so sure about that either. It was immediately after Hernandez's death that Baez questioned that his client committed suicide and vowed to complete a full investigation of his own, separate from that of law enforcement.

What do you think about the new reports that claim Aaron Hernandez was gay or bisexual and hiding his affairs with men? Could that have led to the death of Odin Lloyd? Do you think he really wrote a suicide note for his gay prison lover? Sound off in the comments section below.

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