Michelle Obama And White House 2020: Is There Hope That Former First Lady Will Run For President?

The hope for millions that Michelle Obama will run for the White House in 2020 hasn't dissipated in spite of her refusal to consider campaigning for any political office. Since she and Barack Obama left 1600 Pennsylvania, the call for Michelle to run for president has heightened among her loyal supporters.

The former first lady's supporters hold their breath in the hope that she'll have a change of heart about campaigning for the nation's highest office.

AOL reports that a member of the Obamas' inner circle, Valerie Jarrett, spoke with MSNBC last week about the possibility of Michelle Obama running for office in 2020. Jarrett worked closely with the Obamas during their time at the White House and knows just about everything involving their future plans. Did her interview reveal anything different from what people have heard up to this point about Michelle's plan to stay out of a high-profile political role?

Michelle Obama White House 2020
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While Donald Trump's victory in November of 2016 was "gut-wrenching," Jarrett reveals that the focus is about "moving on." Discussing the prospect of running for office in 2020 with Michelle Obama wouldn't be particularly "fruitful," Jarrett insists.

"I will encourage her to be a force for good, she doesn't need much encouragement for that, obviously she was an extraordinary first lady, but I don't think she really wants to run for office."

The good news is Jarrett shares that both Barack and Michelle Obama will still play a role in politics. Michelle is extremely aware of her appeal to the public and "appreciates that she has this extraordinary platform she has in the post-presidency as does her husband."

Jarrett continues that the Obamas are young and very popular. The two left the White House with considerably high approval ratings. Jarrett explains that she wants to take that asset and find a way to excite the American people in a way that helps solve some of the nation's biggest issues.

"... So how do you take that and galvanize the American people, citizens, to actually work to solve some of the big challenges that we lie ahead...I think both of them are committed to that."

In the meantime, the former first couple have been on an extended vacation that has taken them on exotic tropical islands, with the latest being on Marlon Brando's private island in French Polynesia. The two have been photographed paddle boarding and were recently on spotted on a super yacht owned by billionaire Richard Branson. They were joined by Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, and their spouses. Oprah Winfrey was rumored to have been on the $300 million vessel as well.

The Obamas are in the process of writing their own memoirs about their experience in office. They signed a lucrative contract with Penguin Random House that pays them a $60 million advance to spill on several topics people want to know about while they were in office. Reports have suggested that the Obamas will disclose their real feelings about Trump's run for office, Hillary Clinton and her email scandal, and several other juicy details they've never revealed to the press.

Although Michelle Obama isn't currently interested in running for president, will she change her mind? There's plenty of time before the next election, after all. Her supporters are hopeful that she'll reconsider and be the face of the Democratic Party. Her campaign efforts for Hillary Clinton showcased her ability to reach the masses on an even broader scale.

Michelle Obama 2020 White House Run
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Michelle's efforts are still focused on making a difference in the community. Not long ago she visited with area schools around Washington, D.C., and held discussions with students. She'll maintain an active role in the political spectrum, but at this point, she isn't signaling a desire to run for the White House in 2020.

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