‘Famous In Love’ Episodes Earn Comparisons To ‘Pretty Little Liars’: Bella Thorne In ‘Real’ Love Triangle

Famous in Love debuted on Freeform on April 18 at 9 p.m., and viewers fascinated by that first episode don’t have to wait to see the rest of the season. All of the episodes for the first season of the addictive teen series, starring Bella Thorne, are available on Freeform.com, On Demand, and Hulu. Famous in Love is already earning comparisons to Pretty Little Liars, noted Refinery29.

Thorne portrays Paige Townsen, the focal point of the binge-worthy Famous in Love. The new series, which is from the executive producer of Pretty Little Liars, is more than just a vehicle to showcase Bella, however. The actress uses her experience to give the rest of the cast a chance to shine. Providing the feeling of ensemble acting just like Pretty Little Liars, Thorne’s co-stars range from Georgie Flores, who plays Paige’s pal Cassie, to Charlie DePew, who takes on the challenge of flaunting his fit physique while showing his sensitive side as blossoming screenwriter Jake.

Bella Thorne and the new "Famous In Love" episodes enchant.

When Cassie learns about an open audition for a new film, she persuades Paige to go with her to audition. Thorne’s character does well enough in her audition to test with the leading man of the fictional movie, Rainer Devon, played by Carter Jenkins. Other characters include the traditional “mean girl” Alexis, played by Niki Koss; hunky Jordan Wilder, portrayed by Keith Powers; and Rainer’s former sweetheart Tangey Turner, played by Pepi Sonuga.

Although Bella has plenty of experience in the entertainment industry, she convincingly portrays her character as wide-eyed and shocked by what really happens when the cameras are turned off. When Thorne’s character learns she got the role, the plot of Famous in Love shows the challenges of playing make-out scenes with the full crew watching. And yes, Bella’s character also has a chance to find her own true love in future episodes.

Georgie Flores, Charlie DePew, Bella Thorne, Carter Jenkins, and Keith Power co-star in "Famous In Love."

So just how real is the love triangle that eventually surfaces on Famous in Love? Thorne told EW that she’s a believer when it comes to her character Paige’s feelings.

“The love triangle is so real for Paige.”

Bella revealed that Carter Jenkins’ character, Rainer, “seems awesome and actually, he does really like her,” admitting that although he’s something of a “player,” the two have “great chemistry.” But the triangle forms when Thorne’s character struggles with her feelings for her best buddy Jake, portrayed by Charlie DePew. Bella feels that the challenges in loving someone outside the industry are realistically portrayed on Famous in Love.

“[Jake] kind of doesn’t understand what she has to go through in Hollywood, which is such a real thing that actors go through every day, especially if you’re not dating somebody in the industry,” shared Thorne.

Bella’s character isn’t the only one caught in a romantic triangle. However, when Keith Powers talked about his role of Jordan Wilder, he was more cautious about dishing up the details of his Famous in Love character’s romantic life. Instead, Power talked about what he views as the best part of the series.

“I think [people will] love and hate something about every character.”

In addition to dishing up the emotional aspects of her role in Famous In Love, Thorne recently talked with Yahoo Style about the fun that she has personally in wearing a wide range of fashion.

Bella likes to make dramatic changes in her look, “anywhere from super-goth to rocker-grunge to hippie.” In addition to acting and singing, Thorne is proud of her talents with cosmetics, doing all her own makeup along with choosing her own style.

At 19, Thorne revealed that when she thinks about her role on Famous in Love, she’s not sure how she would deal with the overnight success of Paige.

“Sometimes I look at my character and think she’s so naive. And other times, I realize that if I was just thrust in this, if I didn’t learn this, maybe I would be even more naive,” admitted Bella.

In real life, Thorne even handles her own social media, from Twitter to Snapchat to Instagram. She admitted that has caused problems when it comes to dating, with some not wanting to go public with the relationship.

“I’ve dated people who are like, ‘I don’t want people to know my life.’ It ended up becoming a problem,” noted Bella.

However, the Famous in Love star doesn’t stress about romantic interests who don’t want to accept her willingness to share her life on social media.

“I Snapchat my life, and you knew who I was before you dated me,” summed up Bella. “You have to accept me.”

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