Pizza Inside A Burger Inside A Pizza: The Viral Video That Makes You Want This Culinary Combo In Your Mouth

Have you ever thought about what a pizza inside a burger would taste like?

Chances that you have never taken that pipe dream of culinary creations up another notch: placing a pizza inside a burger inside a pizza. If you think that such a crazy combination of "Cheat Day" menu items is uncanny and unrealistic, you more than likely have not seen the viral video posted by popular YouTube channel HellthyJunkFood.

Thankfully, the popular YouTubers working behind the scenes of this increasingly popular YouTube channel added the list of ingredients and cooking instructions to the lengthy video description.

Perhaps the most shocking part about the recipe is the length of time it takes to cook the pizza inside of a burger inside of a pizza. Looking at the picture of the finished dish may make you think that you have to cook it for at least an hour - especially if you want to get the results that HellthyJunkFood gets in this now-viral video. However, that is surprisingly not the case at all. With a reported preparation time of only 15 minutes and 30-minute recommended cooking period, this means that you could very well have this culinary creation in your mouth within an hour.

The only equipment that is necessary is the pizza pan - a standard tool that is used by most people that create pizzas of any size, whether at home or in a commercial restaurant kitchen. Even when cooking pizzas in a brick oven, there is still a growing number of professional chefs and skilled cooks that prefer to store it on a pizza pan while cooking their future meal.

In this viral video, the pizza in a burger in a pizza was created with a total of three different frozen pizzas - two medium pizzas and one personal-size pizza. Add in approximately three pounds of 80/20 ground beef along with standard pizza toppings and sauces (including pepperoni and mozzarella cheese) and you are well on your way toward creating this amazing, jaw-dropping meal.

Before you get too attached or excited about eating this mega pizza/burger concoction, please consider the nutritional facts that come with a meal of this size. Yes, it is a great conversation-starter that you can use to break the ice in awkward social circles and parties when the other topics of discussion seem to fade away. However, as shown in the video description and highlighted in the actual video, this pizza in a burger in a pizza generates over 8,400 calories. Therefore, it is more of a meal that you would want to share with a group of your friends instead of trying to eat the entire thing by yourself.

However, the likes that you may generate from posting photos of your finalized culinary creation and the overall buzz that you create within your social circle may be well worth the investment and kitchen time even if no one ever actually eats it.

A pizza in a burger in a pizza - a formerly uncanny pipe dream that has now been created, popularized and promoted around the world thanks to viral videos and creative cooks.

[Featured Image by Shutterstock]