Six Fantasy And Sci-Fi Action Movies On HBO GO For A Fun Time

If you're looking for the best sci-fi action movies, but you're not in the mood for anything too heavy, then HBO GO has several options for you. From an overlooked comedy gem from the '80s to an action-packed modern Marvel hit, some of the best sci-fi action movies are on HBO GO.

Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel

Three friends are enjoying drinks at their favorite local pub when a woman from the future plunges them into a time-travel conundrum.

This film received mixed reviews from critics, but audiences and sci-fi fans absolutely loved it. Starring Chris O'Dowd, Marc Wootton, Dean Lennox Kelly, and Anna Faris, this hilarious film is one of the best movies on HBO GO for a silly-fun time.


A Navy test pilot is part of a top-secret mission which shrinks him to a microscopic level. But when the test pilot is accidentally injected into a hypochondriac, hilarious chaos and adventure ensue.

If you like your sci-fi action movies blended with comedy, then this '80s hit starring Meg Ryan, Martin Short, and Dennis Quad is a must-watch.

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Cast a Deadly Spell

Starring Fred Ward and Julianne Moore, this HBO original feature is one of the most unnoticed fantasy movies on HBO GO. This is a classic gumshoe detective story mixed with a fantasy world involving magic, werewolves, and gremlins. Rotten Tomatoes provides the synopsis for one of the best sci-fi movies that are overlooked.

"This clever and well-crafted production goes the distance with its innovative concept…Taking place in 1948 Hollywood—in an alternate reality where magic spells, curses and demons are commonly used and accepted—the story revolves around hard-boiled gumshoe Harry P. Lovecraft, the only detective in the business who relies on brains and instinct instead of gazing into a crystal ball or casting runes. This pure perspective is sought out by wealthy eccentric Amos Hackshaw, who is trying to retrieve the legendary 'Necronomicon' (a key component in the works of the real H.P. Lovecraft)…The chief rival for possession of the book is a seedy gangster (Raymond O'Connor) whose favorite nightclub singer (Julianne Moore) takes a shine to Harry."

A witty mercenary undergoes an experiment that turns him into a grotesque being with accelerated healing powers.

Starring Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin, this smash-hit from Marvel was considered one of the crudest, wittiest, most hilarious, and best action movies from 2016. With worldwide box office numbers toppling over $780 million, this is one of the most popular Marvel movies of all time.

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The NeverEnding Story

A troubled boy escapes his problems by delving into a fantasy book that sucks him into the magical world of Fantasia.

There are plenty of staples from the '80s that come to mind when discussing classic fantasy movies including Gremlins, Big Trouble in Little China, Labyrinth, Willow, The Princess Bride, Legend, and The NeverEnding Story. This artistic film was praised for its originality and stunning imagery. Though it is somewhat dark at times, this feel-good adventure is as fun now as it was over 30 years ago. If you're in the mood for classic fantasy movies from the '80s, then look no further than The NeverEnding Story.

Demolition Man

A police officer undergoes suspended animation, and he is brought back in a non-violent future society to take on his old foe.

Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Sandra Bullock star in one of the most popular sci-fi action movies of the '90s. This action flick is filled with plenty of humor and explosions for fans to enjoy.

From Innerspace to Demolition Man, some of the best sci-fi action movies are on HBO GO.

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