Jennifer Garner: Why She Chose To Divorce Ben Affleck After His Rehab Stint — What Happened?

Maurice Cassidy

Jennifer Garner's decision to go through with her divorce plans were said to have been triggered by Ben Affleck's alcohol abuse, which the actor said he'd been treated for.

Fans have questioned the couple's former relationship, wondering why the duo continued to place the divorce proceedings on hold if Jennifer Garner was already aware of the fact that she was going to separate from her husband sooner or later.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Jennifer Garner and Affleck had actually attempted to reconcile in the midst of halting their divorce plans. The actress had filed the court papers in 2015, but by early 2017, the divorce was off, only to be on again this month.

— People Magazine (@people) April 19, 2017

It's worth mentioning that Ben admitted earlier this year that he had successfully completed a rehabilitation program in the hopes of bettering his ways as a family man, not only for the sake of his relationship with Jennifer Garner but also for his children. But not even that seemed to have been enough for the duo to stick together and continue the marriage.

While People magazine alleges that the divorce was always agreed upon between both parties, it was just a matter of time before the couple found themselves in the right circumstance to actually go through with it — the kids needed to settle with the thought of their parents no longer being together, among other things.

CDL, however, claims that Jennifer Garner certainly thought that her relationship with Ben could be saved if the changes she needed to see from him were evidently clear as daylight. And while Affleck certainly has improved his ways, as he's revealed himself, it still wasn't enough for Jennifer to consider the idea of staying committed to the marriage.

— E! News (@enews) April 17, 2017

"We had heard throughout the past year that Jennifer Garner was considering taking Ben Affleck back at one point and that they both didn't want to go through with the divorce. However, we'd also heard that Jennifer had given Ben multiple ultimatums, most revolving around Ben dealing with his substance abuse, reports of his gambling addiction, and other problems."

— EntertainmentTonight (@etnow) April 19, 2017

Ben has been in a much better place as of late, and while he will no longer be with Jennifer, he's happy to know that even as they go their separate ways, they will always share a close bond, for Jennifer was also said to have been very helpful in helping Ben get his act together.

The duo share three kids together, so knowing that they are going their own ways on good terms makes it all the better.

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